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<gallery type="slider" orientation="bottom">
FinalsBattle.jpg|Welcome!|link=Ham Dunk|linktext= The NBA Ham Dunk Finals are finally here! Did you know what it takes to be a champion?
FinalsBattle.jpg|Welcome!|link=Ham Dunk|linktext= The NBA Ham Dunk Finals are finally here! Did you know what it takes to be a champion?
MushroomsABSP!.jpg|Angry Birds Stella POP!|link=Angry Birds Stella POP!|linktext=20 brand new Mushroom Cave levels added into Angry Birds Stella POP!
GoldenTemple.png|Angry Birds Stella POP!|link=Angry Birds Stella POP!|linktext=Experience the Golden Temple with 20 new levels along with a new guest coming soon!
AbFight!Poster.jpg|Angry Birds Fight!|link=Angry Birds Fight|linktext= The world is now joining the fight! Play now!
AbFight!Poster.jpg|Angry Birds Fight!|link=Angry Birds Fight|linktext= The Kaijuu Pig has escape the lab! Join us to defeat this monster in this event!
Arcee Poster.jpg|Angry Birds Transformers|link=Angry Birds Transformers|linktext= Arcee and Airachnid is now playable in Angry Birds Transformers!
Arcee Poster.jpg|Angry Birds Transformers|link=Angry Birds Transformers|linktext= Arcee and Airachnid is now playable in Angry Birds Transformers!
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Latest updates
  • Angry Birds 2 - Version 2.38.1 (02/11/2020)
    • 8- New hat event! It’s the least angry time of the year – Valentine’s Day! But that doesn’t mean the birds are sitting this one out. Collect a fetching new set of Cupid Hats and enter The Adventure of Love!
    • – All-new event type! Compete in groups of 50 players to complete an objective. In this update, it’s a race to collect as many stars as possible!
    • - New Mighty Eagle Local Leaderboard - Compete against evenly matched players in Mighty Eagle's Bootcamp to earn great rewards!
  • Angry Birds Blast - Version 1.9.4 (01/14/2020)
    • Pop balloons, save birds, and defeat the pigs
    • - Blast your way through tons of challenging levels
    • - Compete against other players and climb the Mighty League
    • Stay tuned for more new features, events and levels!A
  • Angry Birds POP - Version 3.76.0 (01/29/2020)
    • – NEW LEVEL PACKS! 40 new brain popping levels to solve!
  • Angry Birds Match - Version 3.7.1 (01/25/2020)
    • It’s the Lunar New Year and the Hatchlings are bringing in the year of the rat with a new event! To unlock all of the rewards, you will have to be quick and clever – just like the rat!
    • – Play the Lunar New Year event!
    • – Meet 3 new Hatchlings!
    • – Complete challenges and earn a wealth of rewards!
  • – NEW Booster! Use the Disco Ball to clear all pieces of one color from the board!

Join Red and his friends in an exciting Valentines Day adventure! Collect all the chocolates for an exclusive Avatar!

  • Angry Birds Friends - Version 8.0.2 (29/01/2020; iOS)
    • Made some minor improvements. Hey, what are friends for?
  • Angry Birds POP Blast - Version 1.7.0 (10/14/2019)
    • BOO! Happy Halloween! Enjoy the magical new aimline - for nailing the toughest of shots! This Halloween even the Bubbles seem to have come alive.
      • - NEW Seasonal Theme!
      • - NEW Dynamic Aimline Sensitivity!
  • Angry Birds Evolution - Version 2.7.1 (11/02/2019)
    • Evolution keeps evolving one update at a time!
  • Angry Birds Transformers - Version 1.50.2 (02/04/2020; Android) (02/04/2020; iOS)
    • /NEW CHARACTER! “ ________ crush! Destroy! ”!
    • /CHARACTER TAB UPDATE! Have a peek! See it for yourself!
    • /OPTIMISED EXPERIENCE! Safe Zone and Daily Quests fixed!
  • Angry Birds Explore - Version 1.35.4 (17/01/2020; Android) Version 1.33.6 (17/01/2020; iOS)
    • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

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