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Latest updates
  • Angry Birds 2 - Version 2.53.1 (06/05/2021)
  • New! Mighty Hat Evolutions are now available in the Hat Shop for Black Pearls. Collect all the Tier 1 and 2 Evolutions to power up your slingshot! Test it out first on the Samurai hat set!
  • Angry Birds Blast - Version 2.53.1 (05/26/2021)
    • An awesome new map
    • Also more bugs blasted and balloons inflated.
    • Update today and get blasting!
  • Angry Birds POP - Version 3.93.0 (05/14/2021)
    • NEW LEVEL PACKS! Santa’s sleigh is packed with new levels and festive outfits to get you through the rest of the year! Happy holidays!
    • New seasonal outfits!
    • 80 NEW levels!
    • Fresh events! Stay up to date on POP!’s Facebook page: https://rov.io/ABP_FB
  • Angry Birds Match - Version 5.0.0 (05/11/2021)
    • It’s the holliest, jolliest time of year, and the hatchlings can’t wait to open their gifts. About that, we’re going to need you to help get them some festive outfits.
      • Play a new holiday event!
      • Meet 3 festive new Hatchlings
      • Collect 9 cheerful new outfits
      • Earn a stockingful of rewards!
  • Angry Birds Dream Blast - Version 1.27.0(12/11/2020)
      • Curl up by the fire and journey with your favorite bird friends on a chilly holiday adventure!
      • COLLECT Dreamy Snowflakes to win presents and reveal hidden secrets!
      • PLAY everyday for exciting rewards!
      • BLAST your way through wild and wacky levels that Santa Piggie and his ugly elves have stuffed with challenging puzzles!
  • Angry Birds Friends - Version 9.8.0 (12/15/2020; iOS)
    • Get ready for some extra jolly holiday events continuing straight through to 2021!
    • Experience an all-new level of your best Friends!
    • Graphics and performance improvements!
    • Bugs squished!
  • Angry Birds POP Blast - Version 1.7.0 (10/14/2019)
    • BOO! Happy Halloween! Enjoy the magical new aimline - for nailing the toughest of shots! This Halloween even the Bubbles seem to have come alive.
      • - NEW Seasonal Theme!
      • - NEW Dynamic Aimline Sensitivity!
  • Angry Birds Evolution - Version 2.9.2 (08/03/2020)
    • Evolution keeps evolving one update at a time!
  • Angry Birds Transformers - Version 2.8.1 (11/23/2020)
    • /NEW CHARACTER Hint: She's a stormy one!
  • Angry Birds Explore - Version 1.35.4 (17/01/2020; Android) Version 1.33.6 (17/01/2020; iOS)
    • Minor bug fixes and improvements.


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