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Angry Birds World is an Angry Birds-themed resort located in Doha, Qatar.[note 1] The park was designed by KCC Entertainment Design in June 2018 and is currently operated by Leisure.[1] The park includes indoor rides, attractions, live shows, a waterpark and meet and greets with characters like Red, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, Stella and more.


On its website, it states that it contains over 20 high-quality thrilling rides, 70 arcade games, 450 square meters of area and 7 food and beverage options.

The indoor ride list includes:

The outdoor ride list includes:


  • In the arcade room, they have custom branded air hockey tables with chuck's movie design on them
  • From October 17 to November 16, 2019, there was a special carnival occurring in the park!
  • When registering for an account, they mention a privacy policy, but as of November 2021, the page doesn't exist
  • The park has custom made arcade cabinets, including a "Seeing Red" double basketball hoop game, Angry Birds Space-themed mini-bowling called "Blast Off", a carnival water gun game called "Water Gun Fun!" and more!





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  1. Doha Festival City, Al Shamal Rd, Umm Salal Mohamed Doha, Qatar



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