Angry Birds World Tour
Developer(s): Unconfirmed
Publisher(s): Unconfirmed
Length (in levels): Length unconfirmed
Released: Not yet announced
Platforms: Inflight entertainment
Ratings: ESRB: Rating Pending
Genre: Puzzle
Version(s): 1.0.0

Angry Birds World Tour is an Angry Birds game available as part of the inflight video entertainment of certain airlines. The game was first shown on Youtube by Global Eagle Entertainment's official account.


Much of the game's gameplay is based on Angry Birds Classic's. There are 30 available levels, which are split into 5 episodes containing 6 each. The pigs are dressed accordingly to the country represented in each episode. The game's physics are noticeably different from other games in the franchise, with TNT exploding a bit stronger and the movement different. 




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