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This is a list of Angry Birds references in movies, television shows, books, magazines, anime/manga, and other forms of media.


Amazing Alex[]

The game had 2 levels based on the Angry Birds franchise, one from before the purchase of the game by Rovio Entertainment. Both levels are about the player slinging at a green piggy bank resembling a Minion Pig on a fortress made out of books and boxes.[1]

The words Angry and Bird are also used as examples of words starting with the letters A and B.

In Amazing Alex: Beware of the Inventor which was a book for the game, there is a reference to King Pig in the water in one of the pages. There is the crown that Toons King Pig uses but a regular designed Pig which is a bit of an error.[2]


  • Red, Chuck, one of the Blues, Bomb, and Matilda appear in Skywire VIP Extended. The player must identify them as "ANGRY BIRDS".
  • In Freeze Frame (a game that was made to advertise Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage), Red (top row, mid-right column, plush form) is also seen in a Freeze Frame example made by Nitrome.


In Transformice, the Easter 2015 event and one of its reward titles "Angry Mouse" contains a cannonball being flung into a Gingerbread house, similar to the gameplay style of Angry Birds Classic. Players would obtain the title by killing every mouse on the map as a Shaman, similarly to defeating pigs in a level.

Reimagine the Game[]

The Classic Flock appears a lot in this flash game and they have no faces.

In the 1st level REIMAGINE, Red, Blue (Jay, Jake or Jim), Chuck, Bomb & Matilda make an appearance.

In the level APPS, the flock appears again but as projectiles. Instead of being shot from a slingshot, they are mostly shot by cannons.

In the final boss of the game. you have to press some buttons to get to the next phase. The weapon for defeating the final boss is Red.

Bomb has his white spot in the game like his old design.

Head Soccer[]

In the game, the character representing Finland is a human Red and one of his power shots has him turn into a pig and uses a slingshot with varying effects. This character was released on April 26, 2016, alongside Bulgaria around the release of The Angry Birds Movie.

Dude, Stop[]

Dude, Stop reference

In the 2018 game, a level can be found where there are 3 pigs. Two of the pigs are pink and the other one is green, where the second panel contains the same pig with a slingshot and birds flying at him in the distance.[3]

My Singing Monsters[]

MSM Angry Birds Tweet 11-30-22

On November 30, 2022, the My Singing Monsters Twitter account posted a parody called "Angry Monsters" where 4 of the game's monsters appear in the image.[4]

Gary's Revenge[]

There was an online game called Gary's Revenge, inspired by the Season 7 episode "A Pal for Gary". The gameplay of the game is inspired by Angry Birds.


The Cleveland Show[]

The Family Guy spin-off show referenced Angry Birds three times throughout the show:

  • In Season 3 Episode 17, "American Prankster", Donna is taking away all of Rallo's electronics and she mentions that the punishment includes no Angry Birds on iPhone, Android, Kindle and the Zune (implying that Angry Birds is on every single digital device known).
  • In Season 3 Episode 22, "All You Can Eat", Rallo asks Holt Richter (coincidentally voiced by Jason Sudeikis) if he can play Angry Birds on his iPad, to which Holt responds with "I'm sorry, but my mom says that no one else can play with it".
  • The final reference was in the 4th episode of Season 4, "Turkey Pot Die", during a Thanksgiving Day parade, Cleveland uses a crowd control rope as a slingshot, which results in popping Lester Krinklesac for 5,000 points (including the cloud bubbles the turkey leaves behind).

Family Guy[]


An Angry Birds reference.

In Season 11 Episode 15, Peter falls onto a Pig structure from the Poached Eggs episode, crashing onto all the pigs except 1 Minion Pig. The Minion Pig grins, causing Peter to start to yell and curse.

  • Angry Birds was referenced in three Family Guy episodes.
    • In "Turban Cowboy", when after failing skydiving attempt by Peter results in landing in a level.
    • In "Quagmire's Mom", Lois allows Peter to play Angry Birds but only with the sound "off" which makes Peter make his sound effects. Footage for this scene was used in the Angry Birds 10th Anniversary showcase video on YouTube.[5]
    • In "High School English", Peter's Huckleberry Finn plays "Angry Birds" by flipping real birds in the direction of a pen of pigs.

Mad (TV series)[]

Angry Bird Management (not to be confused with Matilda's Anger Management class from the movie) is a parody of Angry Birds on the popular Cartoon Network show, MAD in 2011. A psychiatrist named Doctor Robert Hexenblatt tries to rid Birds of their "Angry Bird impulses" and teach them to not try to destroy Pigs' homes (probably not knowing that the Pigs stole the Birds' eggs). He first tries "Squawk Therapy", where he gets a bird to squawk like normal birds instead of laughing menacingly. Then, he tries "Behavior Analysis", where he gets birds to treat pigs nicely, and finally "Roleplaying", where he dresses birds up as pigs, and himself as a bird and tries to see how birds would feel if someone was trying to destroy their home. At the end, a twist came where several birds started attacking pigs.

Another episode was created called "RiOa", which aired on August 22, 2011, and features a cameo of Chuck as one of the Green Lanterns fighting Nigel with other birds from pop culture media, including Blu.[6]

The final skit to feature the Angry Birds was in Kung Fu Blander, where it is a spoof of both Angry Birds and Kung Fu Panda 2. It features birds that act similar to their official counterparts. Notably, Bomb being represented by a bird shaped like a grenade. A Minion Pig joins the Furious Five before they all get defeated, except for the Minion Pig who said that "From now on, every moment is a gift".


The show itself uses an animation every similar to Piggy Tales on its two latest seasons. The birds on the cartoon also portray various similarities to the birds on the game. In an episode, there are a lot of birds that are arranged in a suspicious way, for example, there are three bluebirds on a tree, two yellow birds on another and there is a large robot Red Bird as the main character.

The birds on the show are mostly fat, have big eyebrows and hair that kind of resembles the birds of the series. No surprise as Oddbods could be watched on Toons.TV. The name of the birds in this cartoon is also Angry Birds.

Osmar: The Heel of the Loaf[]

In the Brazilian cartoon, there is a spoof of Angry Birds named Angry Breads, which is played by the characters. Instead of birds and pigs, the characters are different forms of breads.

The Ellen Show[]

According to an interview on The Ellen Show, released on March 14, 2012, Kermit the Frog's favorite game is Angry Birds because you get to throw things at pigs.

Elmo's Alphabet Challenge[]

Angry Birds was referenced during 2012 in the Sesame Street special Elmo’s Alphabet Challenge in a section called “Angry Words” where Elmo needs to catch whatever was launched from the slingshot to see if it starts with the letter on the flag on top of the structure. The Angry Birds theme song is faintly similar to the song played in the clip.


In the episode "Dinosaurs", when Sleepy Bird launches herself from the slingshot, sound effects of preparing the slingshot and Chuck's launch sound are heard.

Robot Chicken[]


The Minion Pigs, King Pig and Foreman Pig.

Robot Chicken made a sketch based on Angry Birds, specifically the original game. In the sketch, Red happily drives home to see his wife cheating on him. Red later goes to work and his boss, Bomb, fires him for being late. Later that day, he hears on his car radio and on television that the Pigs have begun taking over the land, claiming "this land is for the pigs, not for the birds!". The next day, Red's house is repossessed and his family have distanced themselves from him. Because of this, Red begins to feel an immense amount of anger. Red rallies up a group of other angry birds to take down the pigs. Red is loaded into a slingshot and launches at a pig structure as the narrator says that "the Bird Revolution had finally begun". However, Red bounces off the structure dealing no damage as the entire sketch is revealed to be on someone's phone.

The Simpsons[]

Furious fliers

Furious Fliers, from "The Food Wife".

  • In Season 23 Episode 5, "The Food Wife", there is a parody of Angry Birds, which is called Furious Fliers. As shown in the episode, a man is trying to pull a bird, but instead of hitting the targets, it accidentally destroys a Children's Hospital construction site. It falls on the TNT Crate, which explodes, making the people happy. The music playing during the Furious Fliers segment seems to be a parody of the Angry Birds theme itself.
  • In Season 23 Episode 11, "The D'oh-cial Network", Nelson references the game by saying "Here's my favorite computer game, Angry Nerds!", wedgies Martin Prince and flings him at a bunch of others.
  • In Season 23 Episode 17, "Them, Robot", Mr. Burns has a tablet with the game "Angry Burns".
  • In Season 24 Episode 6, "A Tree Grows in Springfield", Homer plays a parody called Vengeful Pigs while driving.
  • In Season 25 Episode 5, "Labor Pains", Homer has a game on his phone called "Angry Burps". It's most specific that this game would be WAY different from the actual game.
  • In Season 25 Episode 11, "Specs and the City", Homer spots an Angry Birds fanfiction called "I Love You, Corporal Pig" in one of the surveillance cameras.
  • In Season 25 Episode 18, "Luca$", when Bart received an MyPad stolen by Snake, it was full of apps including a parody of Angry Birds called Non-Threatening Birds. The bird depicted here is very similar to the one from the previous reference, but it is designed more accurate towards the game's style.
  • In Season 33 Episode 9, "Mothers and Other Strangers", Lisa has "Angry Burns" on her phone.

Final Deployment 4: Queen Battle Walkthrough[]

In the 2018 short, there's a game titled "Unicorn Bust" which Captain Lion is shown playing is a parody of Angry Birds, instead of having the Birds and Pigs, it has a Unicorn and different colored Rats.

The Eric Andre Show[]

In season 5 episode 4 of the Adult Swim show, a cutaway is played that features the sound effects of the Caged Birds from Angry Birds Rio, alongside with Lizzo dressed in a green suit with a bird on her shoulder, playing the flute.

Portal Chase! (Nickelodeon)[]

In episode 2 of the Nickelodeon web series "Portal Chase" that aired on November 21, 2021, SpongeBob SquarePants, Lincoln Loud, Ronnie Anne and Henry Danger chase a giant slug into an Angry Birds parody called "Angry Pigeons" where Arnold & Gerald from Hey Arnold! help them out.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?[]

AB WWTBAM 4-29-22

On April 29, 2022, one of the questions asked to the participant of the game show was "In the popular series of video games, which animals are the main enemies of 'Angry Birds'?" The answer was 'D: Green pigs'.


In Episode 12 "Don't Cry", when Shin and Kyu-won were attempting to purchase a teddy bear keychain, keychain versions of Angry Birds characters can be seen behind them.

Conan O'Brien Must Go[]

In the official trailer for the series, Conan O'Brien can be seen wearing a hand-woven Angry Birds beanie.

Mr. Birchum[]

In the first episode of The Daily Wire+ animated series, Mr. Birchum, the title character wonders why his son, Eddie, is wearing 16.5 on his sweater, remarking that it is Larry Byrd divided by 2, with his son saying that none of the Angry Birds are named Larry.


Rio (2011 film)[]


A hint to the Super Bowl Golden Egg appears on a box. On it, there's Red with a golden egg and 13-12 above. In the Golden Egg, there's the word Rio written with materials. No surprise as there is a crossover game.

New Year's Eve (2011 film)[]

New Years Eve AB Classic cameo

Jonathan Cox plays Angry Birds Classic

In one scene of the 2011 film, Jonathan Cox (boss of one of the film's characters) tries to pass one of the Poached Eggs levels on three stars, playing Angry Birds Classic on his Mac Book.

That's My Boy[]

In the 2012 film That's My Boy, during the church scene, Father McNally says "No Angry Birds" and later, before the wedding, Father Shakalu is seen playing Angry Birds as he says "Come on stupid bird. Fly."

Parental Guidance[]

In the 2012 film, The character Artie gets fired from his job for not being "hip". Some of the reasons for this is due to him not having a favorite Angry Bird or Facebook account.


Parental Guidance (2012) - "Angry Birds" scene

GI Joe: Retaliation[]

In the 2013 film during the nuclear summit scene in this film, Zartan, disguised as the US president, is seen playing Danger Above 6-7 on an iPhone while his nuclear missiles flied towards his fellow world leaders' countries. At one point, he called out "High score!"

Free Birds[]

In the 2013 film during the final battle, when the Native Americans see the turkeys, their leader says "Those are some Angry Birds."


Angry birds reference in free birds

Reference to the game in the movie

Ted 2[]

In the 2015 film after Sam tells Ted to shut up, he angrily sits down and starts playing Angry Birds on his iPhone as the theme song can be heard. Footage for this scene was used in the Angry Birds 10th anniversary showcase video on YouTube.[5]

Miracles from Heaven (film)[]

In the 2016 film, Pastor Scott is seen playing Angry Birds 2 in the hospital waiting room and is heard mentioning Chirp Valley. He asks the children next to him which bird duplicates, to which they reply "the blue one".

Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers[]


In the 2022 film Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers, a person wearing a Red backpack was shown during Fan Con.

Mickey's Mouse Trap[]

In the 2024 film Mickey's Mouse Trap, the arcade game Angry Birds Coin Crash can be seen in the background of various scenes.



Garfield appears chasing a Red look-alike after being launched off the slingshot on a comic's header.

Sonic the Hedgehog (comic series)[]


Red makes a cameo in Sonic Universe Issue 32. He is depicted with legs, which possibly foreshadowed how he looks in the movie.


Heathcliff Angry Birds Cameo

In an issue from May 2015, Red can be seen following other pop culture icons that are birds. One of the other birds is Toucan Sam, which is a coincidence since he appeared in the Froot Loops Bloopers episode from Angry Birds Space.

Mad (magazine)[]

Aside from the TV show, MAD has published several magazines featuring Angry Birds on the main cover throughout 2011–2015 as well as a poster in 2016. Among these include a front cover on an October 2011 issue where Red, Chuck, Bomb and the Blues attack a structure shaped like the magazine's mascot Alfred E. Neuman, a comic in a December 2011 issue where it shows Red flying from the slingshot and crashing into a plane's engine, making it fall into the Hudson River (in which a bird strike is allegedly said to have been the actual cause of the incident), a front cover on a January 2014 issue which makes fun of the NSA controversy of the time (it even parodies Barack Obama) and features Red and Chuck on it, and a "political poster" in a May 2016 post on their Facebook page where it parodies the movie as Angry Bern, with Bernie Sanders portrayed as Red.

Yo-kai Watch (manga)[]

Angry Whisper

In Issue 3 from June 2017, a comic book cover showing Red and a Green Chuck can be seen looking at Whisper on the slingshot.

The Dandy Annual 2014[]

In one of the comics in the annual, The Smasher is shown playing Angry Birds on his tablet. It is said to be his favorite game because it's all about smashing things. However, the game in this comic is depicted slightly different from the actual game as it depicts the bird with wings, the pig looking more like a frog's head and the dotted line behind the bird black instead of white. Smasher also imagines himself as an Angry Bird in the same comic.

Lawak Kampus[]

One comic strip showed someone angry towards a group of kids, which he uses a "slingshot" to launch himself at. The last panel also includes Red sitting on the branch of a tree.

Big Nate[]

In "What's a Little Noogie Between Friends", when Francis was helping Nate with schoolwork, he got distracted by his phone and said "What if I ignored you and played Angry Birds instead?"


Garbage Pail Kids[]

The 2012 set of Garbage Pail Kids (a well-known satirical collectable card line with the garbage pail kids in crude and gross situations) had a card that commemorated Angry Birds with one of the characters Bruce being in the shape of a Corporal Pig with the original title "Birdbrain Bruce" with Red, Chuck and Bomb landing overhead of him. For unknown reasons, this was changed in later reprints with the title being "Angry Al" (or the other way around).

Wacky Packages[]

In the 2012 and 2013 sets of Wacky Packages, there were parodies of Angry Birds with "Angry Nerds" and Angry Birds Trilogy with "Angry Turds: Flushed and Furious".



The theme song before the beat drop.

Silence with gradual sound before the beat drop.

Hoedown is a 2012 dubstep song made by Zomboy, a British brostep DJ. He sampled the Angry Birds theme in part of the song. In 2018, fans started to notice that the theme song was missing from streaming services (including Apple Music, Spotify and SoundCloud). They speculated it was due to a number of factors, including legal issues and the ending of the sample license.[8]


The 10s Spot[]

Between song transitions where the host is talking, sound effects of Angry Birds such as Terence and Matilda can be heard occasionally.


Epic Rap Battles of History[]

In the video "Albert Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking" uploaded on March 30, 2011, Stephen Hawking could be seen playing Angry Birds Classic throughout the video on his tablet.

Annoying Orange[]

In the video "Annoying Orange vs. Angry Birds" uploaded on October 7, 2011, Orange and his friends play Angry Birds, using themselves as the birds, and the pigs being themselves.


Angry Birds was shown quite frequently on the Smosh YouTube channel, even up to the release of The Angry Birds Movie.

  • In the video "The CRAZIEST iPhone Reveal" uploaded on August 24, 2012, the homescreen of the iPhone 5 render shows an app icon for Angry Birds with the name "Overrated".
  • In the video "REAL MARIO LAVA FLOOR!" uploaded on May 2, 2014, Anthony mentions that he was addicted to Angry Birds. Then a flashback is played where he takes Mr. Featherface and throws him at a pile of cardboard boxes.
  • In the video "MY BATHROOM DISASTER" uploaded on July 11, 2014, Anthony tells his date that he's going to play "Angry Turds" in the bathroom even though he plans on looking at her relationship status on Facebook due to him waiting to see if either of them will pay the dinner bill.
  • In the video "IF VIDEO GAMES WERE REAL 5" uploaded on September 30, 2016, a group of construction workers attempt to tear down a wall with an array of birds in their buckets, but to no avail.
  • In the video "BECOMING ANGRY BIRDS (BTS)" uploaded on October 13, 2016, the title of the video with the thumbnail includes references to the game series, such as an image of Red from The Angry Birds Movie.
  • In the video "WE BOUGHT SMOSH!" uploaded on June 20, 2023, a framed image of Hal can be seen on a shelf due to Anthony Padilla voicing him in the Angry Birds movies.

Smosh Pit[]

In the video "BIGGEST BURGER EVER IN OUR MAIL?!" uploaded on March 12, 2012, Ian opens a package that contains Angry Birds plush toys of Red and Chuck, to which he throws them at Anthony.

Crazy Cody's Creatures[]

In the video "Driving" uploaded on August 16, 2014, Cody can be seen wearing an Angry Birds T-shirt while driving with his Capybara.

LowBrow Studios[]

In the video "Angry Birds" from the fan-made series Sonic For Hire, uploaded on August 14, 2011, Mario tasks Sonic the Hedgehog to kill Red, Chuck and Matilda. This video was re-uploaded in a compilation video called Sonic For Hire - Season 2: The Complete Season.


  • Angry Birds fans and Sonic fans have started to jokingly say that the video is now considered canon due to SEGA acquiring Rovio for $776 million on August 18, 2023 (and also possibly due to the Sonic Dash event in Angry Birds Epic).


In the Season 1 episode "One-shot Wonder" from Inanimate Insanity, uploaded on September 14, 2011, Red and Chuck appear at one point, in which the latter flies from the slingshot and falls down the gorge. Red later appears as one of the items in Cooking for the Grater Good.


Angry Birds appeared multiple times on SMG4's YouTube channel.

  • In the video "R64: Boo Busters" uploaded on June 5, 2016, Mario can be seen playing Angry Birds on the "Boo-tracking iPad".
  • In the video "♫ The Ultimate Smash Bros ♫" uploaded on May 27, 2017, a Red bird can be seen as one of the defeated fighters.
  • In the video "SMG4: MarioTube 2" uploaded on August 5, 2017, Bowser explains his main criticism to the phone is that it lacks a screen, meaning that he is unable to play games, one of the game shows a app icon for Angry Birds with a red cross on it.
  • In the video "Mario Bakes a """"Cake""""" uploaded on January 25, 2023, Mario can be seen lifting his chef hat to reveal a Red bird as one of the ingredients to bake the cake.
  • In the video "SMG4: SMG4 vs Content Farms" uploaded on December 2, 2023, A Minion Pig Plush can be seen dancing on the farm and in a pit full of other characters in the "Content Farm Factory".
  • In the video "Once Upon An SMG4", a Red bird, a Chuck bird, a Bomb bird, and a Terence bird can be seen while the scene with SMG3 singing a song, also, another Red bird can be seen when the Witch SMG4 launches it with a slingshot.


In his video as part of his review series the Canadia Reviewer, "TRANSFORMERS: Armada Supreme Class UNICRON", uploaded on July 12, 2017, when showcasing all of the Mini-Cons on Unicron's Ring, Brian claims that Unicron might be pecocking, using Movie Bomb as visual aid.

The Living Tombstone[]

In the videoclip for the song "Love I Need" uploaded on August 6, 2020, a parody of Angry Birds can be seen at 2:59.


In the video "Derpina Cereal" uploaded on December 26, 2020, a box of Angry Birds Honey Maid crackers can be found in the frame.


In the video "Burger Brawl Episode 10: Pin8" uploaded on May 27, 2021, this and future episodes appears a pile of random things for the objects to beat challenges with and one of those things in the pile includes Hal.

Lilac's Drawings[]

In the video "Slingshot Shenanigans" from canceled Twitter Object Show, uploaded on August 19, 2021, you can see that the challenge is actually Angry Birds, and some sprites were used and edited. For example: the smiley face object was more distorted, and the slingshot looked very similar.

The objects were edited, but the Minion Pig is actually a drawn feature.

Cold Ones[]

"Edit in my friend Chuck, the yellow bird."
Maxmoefoe, Australians Attempt Pumpkin Carving

In the video "Australians Attempt Pumpkin Carving" uploaded on October 27, 2021, the hosts of the podcast Max and Chad can be seen wearing Halloween Costumes of Red during the end of the video. There are also references to the Angry Birds Wiki, with a screenshot of Chuck's article on Google image search and a list of Angry Birds facts with some appearing from various articles.


Hal In The Daily Object Show

In the videos The Daily Object Show:Daily dash - Season 3 and The Daily Object Show: Beach Battle - Season 7" uploaded on December 27, 2020 and December 31, 2021, Hal appears as a contestant. He is mainly based on his pre-Chrome render.

Parker James[]

In the video "I made the most BOOTIFUL DINOSAUR until...", uploaded on January 9, 2022, StEvEn is shown wearing an Angry Birds beanie.

Trevor Wallace[]

"Why is he wearing an Angry Birds beanie?"
Mrs. Griffin, the kid who never brought a backpack to class

In the video "the kid who never brought a backpack to class" uploaded on June 7, 2022, Mason can be seen wearing a Red winter beanie throughout the video.


In the video "I Hunted 100 People!" uploaded on September 3, 2022, there are two references to Angry Birds. One of the first is of a rideable animal kart in the form of Red. Another reference is that of the Angry Birds Mini Golf course, which is a featured location in the challenge.


In the video "This is How Birds Sit in/on Chairs While Watching a Movie" uploaded on December 9, 2022, to celebrate Quishina's birthday, the three cockatiels as well as their owner were watching The Angry Birds Movie.


Angry Birds was quite often shown on AnimatedGalaxy's YouTube channel, mostly including his old videos.

Just Stop[]

In the video "Lego Ninjago: The Ultimate 15 Season RANTrospective", uploaded on October 29, 2023, when he was mentioning the different things that Garmadon would've created, Bomb was showcased as visual aid for the potential of creating bombs.


In the video "Transformers - LIES of The Beasts", uploaded on December 1, 2023, when PaperPlane was critiquing Peter Dinklage's voice for Scourge, he said that the only role that he liked was his role as Mighty Eagle in both Angry Birds films.


In the video "SONIC FORCES", uploaded on February 16, 2024, Cory mentions how "Adam Bird" looks like an Angry Bird.

In the video "Now we're getting HARD in SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE", uploaded on March 3, 2021, When Chris and Lyle mentions how Banjo & Kazooie’s White Alternative Costume looks uncanny because the iris of his eyes blends with his fur color, which he mentions how the birds from The Angry Birds Movie because the example he gives is that they have black outlines around their eyes which makes them looks normal. This example doesn’t make sense because, there is no character that has outlines around their eyes.


Shaquille O'Neal[]

Shaq was frequently seen in public wearing various Angry Birds T-shirts. The first time was in 2011 where he was seen at a Moon Nightclub and a Waffle House.[9][10] The second time was in 2013 at a Best Buy.[11] The last publicly known instance was in 2016 when he attended a Raising Cane's Flood Relief Fundraiser in South Louisiana.[12]

Kanye West[]

In a 2019 interview with BigBoyTV, Kanye West mentions how women only play mobile games like Angry Birds because the motion of flinging birds from the slingshot is similar to Tinder and Instagram. The interview would be edited into memes and clipped for other social media platforms.[13][14][15]



On April Fools' Day of 2011, ThinkGeek (a gaming/comic merchandise store; now merged with Game Stop) posted a 1-minute and 41 second "advertisement" for 'Angry Birds Pork Rinds'. The video linked to their website to "purchase" the product, but it is unknown what happened when it was placed into the user's cart.[16]


Angry Birds Pork Rinds from ThinkGeek


In 2011, Danimals released a flash game on Nickelodeon's website called "Danimals: Coolision Blaster" to promote their (at the time) new Coolision yogurt pouches.[17] The game had players fire fruit at the "Puffy Fluffies", who were in the place of pigs.


On November 24, 2011, PopCap posted this image to their Facebook which may depict Red being served as a Thanksgiving Dinner to the PopCap franchises.[18] It is unknown if it's actually Red or a similar bird.

PopCap Reference AB

The image in question


In the bootup animation for external Roku systems, the "U" in the logo can be seen flung in the background with the white clouds following it's trail. The "U" then lands with the other 3 letters when 2 red feathers and a "5000" appearing from the "U". The K also has an umbrella.


During Summer of 2013, Disney made a line of clothing that had the title "The Original Angry Bird" with an angry Donald Duck on it. The design was sold in Disney Parks on items such as t-shirts, pins and hats.


For the "Bing Homepage Quiz" on June 19, 2022, the second question was about what influenced the original game's creation. The answer to the question was C.

Apple Inc.[]

In the 2024 ad "Crush! / iPad Pro", a ceramic Red Bird piggy bank and Hatchling figures are featured being crushed by a hydraulic press. The ad was criticized by some for having the items crushed instead of shrunken down through special effects.[19] Others called it “the destruction of the human experience”, with those items being replaced by one device.[20]


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