This is a list of Angry Birds references in movies, television shows, books, magazines, anime/manga, and others.

Family Guy


In the Family Guy Season 11 Episode 15, Peter will fall onto an Angry Birds Structure, crashing onto all the pigs except 1 Minion Pig. The Minion Pig will grin, causing Peter to start to yell and curse.

  • Angry Birds was referenced in three Family Guy episodes.
    • In "Turban Cowboy", when after failed skydiving attempt by Peter results in landing in a level.
    • In "Quagmire's Mom", Lois allows Peter to play Angry Birds but only with the sound "off" which makes Peter make his sound effects.
    • In "High School English" Peter's Huckleberry Finn Plays "Angry Birds" by flipping real birds in the direction of a pen of pigs.

GI Joe: Retaliation

During the nuclear summit scene in this film, Zartan, disguised as the US President, is seen playing Angry Birds on an iPhone while his nuclear missiles fly towards his fellow world leaders' countries. At one point, he calls out "High score!"

MAD (series)

Angry Bird Management is a parody of Angry Birds on the popular Cartoon Network show, MAD. A psychiatrist named Doctor Robert Hexenblatt tries to rid Birds of their "Angry Bird impulses", and teach them to not try to destroy Pigs' homes (probably not knowing that the Pigs stole the Birds' eggs). He first tries "Squawk Therapy", where he gets a bird to squawk like normal birds instead of laughing menacingly. Then, he tries "Behavior Analysis", where he gets birds to treat pigs nicely, and finally, "Roleplaying", where he dresses birds up as pigs, and himself as a bird and tries to see how birds would feel if someone was trying to destroy their home.

MAD - Angry Bird Management

MAD - Angry Bird Management

Miracles from Heaven (film)

In Miracles from Heaven Pastor Scott is seen playing Angry Birds 2 and heard mentioning Chirp Valley.

Robot Chicken


It begins when Red is walking home when he saw Female Red Bird cheating on him he went to work and his boss said you're fired! So he home and watch the news then he saw the Minion Pigs and King Pig said (This land is for the pigs, not for the birds!) so Red gets angry and gathers all the birds to him and he makes a plan. So they launch him on the slingshot but it failed.

The Simpsons

Furious fliers

In the Simpsons Season 23 Episode 5, The Food Wife, there is a parody of Angry Birds, which is called the Furious Fliers. As shown in the episode, a man is trying to pull a bird, but instead of hitting the targets, it accidentally destroys a Children's Hospital construction site. It falls on the TNT Crate, which explodes, making the people happy. The music playing during the Furious Fliers segment seems to be a parody of the Angry Birds theme itself.

In Season ?? Episode ??, Nelson references the game by saying "Here's my favorite computer game, Angry Nerds!", wedgies one kid and flings him at a bunch of others.

In Season ?? Episode ??, Homer plays a parody called "Vengeful Pigs" while driving. In Season ?? Episode ??, Homer spots an Angry Birds fanfiction called "I Love You, Corporal Pig."


Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Furious Fliers

Sonic the Hedgehog (comic series)


Red makes a cameo in Sonic Universe Issue 32.


A hint to the Super Bowl Golden Egg appears on a box. On it, there's Red with a golden egg and 13-12 above.

In the Golden Egg, there's the word Rio written with materials. No surprise as there is a crossover game.


The show itself uses an animation every similar to Piggy Tales on its two latest seasons. The birds on the cartoon also portray various similarities to the birds on the game. In an episode, there are a lot of birds that are arranged in a suspicious way, for example, there are three bluebirds on a tree, two yellow birds on another and there is a large robot Red Bird as the main character.

The birds on the show are mostly fat, have big eyebrows and hair that kind of resembles the birds of the series. No surprise as Oddbods could be watched on Toons.TV. The name of the birds in this cartoon is also Angry Birds.

The characters also bear similar personalities.

Osmar, A Primeira Fatia do Pão De Forma

In the Brazilian cartoon, there is a spoof of Angry Birds named Angry Breads, which is played by the characters. Instead of birds and pigs, the characters are different forms of breads.


Garfield appears chasing a Red look-alike after being launched off the Slingshot on a comic's header.

Final Deployment 4: Queen Battle Walkthrough

The game, Unicorn Bust which Captain Lion was shown playing is a parody of Angry Birds, instead of having the Birds and Pigs, it will have a Unicorn and the Rats.

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