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Angry Birds join Philadelphia Eagles is a video released on June 14, 2012. As the video name suggests, it is promoting that the Angry Birds had announced a sponsorship with the Philadelphia Eagles, one of the 32 NFL teams.


"Save it for the field, Terence."

- Chuck

The video starts at a conference when Andy Reid, the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, announces the signing of five very special "undrafted free agents". He said that despite of bit undersized, those are all high motored "hard-nosed players" who have been a 3-star on every level and hope he knows the fans would love their streak. Reid introduces the newest members of the team, which are: Red, Bomb, Chuck, and Terence.

Interviewers questions these bird what they made they want to come to Philadelphia. Red says that they want to take their anger "out on the Pigs... uh.... I (Red) mean foes of the NFC East". Another interviewer questions them how did they thought they'll handle the tough and physical "MC East". Chuck questions them if they're serious because he says that they're haven't seen them play. But when Chuck is talking to, Terence grunts unexpectedly, so Chuck tells him (Terence) to save that for the field. Another interviewer questions again what did they think their strategies are gonna be. Bomb outrages by saying "TOTAL DESTRUCTION...", and the audience laughs.

The interviewers questions Reid where is the fifth one. Reid reveals that the fifth one is the "secret weapon". He says that the Mighty Philadelphia Eagle has been putting a lot of hard work during the offseason, but he wasn't ready to make his debut of their team. Suddenly, a football lands on a conference, which results the appearance of the Mighty Philadelphia Eagle by crashing some floors, ending the video.

Characters (by order of appearance)[]


  • This is one of the animations that the classic birds' designs animated.
  • The Bad Piggies did not make an appearance in this announcement. However, they were mentioned by Red.




Angry Birds join Philadelphia Eagles