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Template:ShowfAngry Birds on the Run is a live-action plush series on the official Angry Birds YouTube channel. A trailer was released on November 10, 2018[1]. The series officially began on November 17, 2018. As of April 20, 2019, there have been twenty-two episodes. It was revealed in the twenty-second episode, which was also the final episode of the first season that there would be a second season coming soon.

Every episode is typically two and half minutes in runtime.


Season 1 Premise

When Red, Chuck and Bomb are accidentally released from their app game world and into the human world, they get into wacky misadventures trying to find a way back. Meanwhile, they are being hunted down by an unknown person.

List of episodes

Season 1 (2018–2019)

The first season began on November 17, 2018, with the first three episodes being uploaded an hour apart from each other. However, two episodes were released after 2 weeks. The first season ended on April 20, 2019 with the episode The Final Showdown.

No. Title Plot Runtime Upload date
1 "On The Other Side" Red, Chuck and Bomb are transported to the human word and life suddenly becomes quite challenging for these three Angry Birds. Will they manage to overcome their first challenge? 2:48 November 17, 2018
2 "Food Hunt" With their sense of smell intact, the Angry Birds go in search of something to eat. 2:30 November 17, 2018
3 "Baby's Shaky Ride" Getting a ride sounds like a good idea for the three lost Angry Birds. But things get a bit shaky when the vehicle's driver turns out to be a moody baby! 2:33 November 17, 2018
4 "Eggs in Peril!" Red, Chuck and Bomb are hit by shocking breaking news: The Angry Birds are -- Oh, actually, maybe this can wait a little... Chuck has recently found out a new talent and this may be more important now. 2:55 November 24, 2018
5 "The Flock Get Reflective" The Angry Birds finally discover that they are not alone in the human world. 2:24 December 1, 2018
6 "Breaking and Entering" In order to get vital information about their mission, the Angry Birds must find a way to sneak into an office building undetected. What could possibly go wrong? 2:12 December 15, 2018
7 "Click Bait" The Angry Birds gets distracted by pop-up ads while searching a computer for key information. If they can pay attention long enough they just mind find a clue to help get them back home! 2:08 December 22, 2018
8 "Skate Board Mission" Needing a quicker way to reach their destination, the Angry Birds find a skateboard and decide to test out their wicked skating skills. 2:25 December 29, 2018
9 "The Stairs Challenge" While racing to catch a train, the Angry Birds must face their most challenging test yet - Stairs. 2:13 January 5, 2019
10 "Back Seat Buddies" The Angry Birds manage to hitch a ride, but things get ruff when an unusual sound emerges revealing that they are not the only passengers in the back of this car. 2:11 January 12, 2019
11 "Zapped Chuck" Red, Chuck and Bomb get to experience the beauty and wonders of the countryside, but not all is calm and tranquil as Chuck goes through an electrifying experience. 2:41 January 19, 2019
12 "Brain Freeze" Red, Chuck and Bomb finally make it to their destination without a second to spare! Wait, diving their beaks into a delicious ice cream sundae and having an insane sugar rush isn't their destination? Well, if they're going to be stuck in our world, at least we have ice cream. 2:40 January 26, 2019
13 "Fun Day at The Beach" The tired and thirsty Angry Birds reach the beach, but the ocean water may not be the best way to quench their thirst. 2:15 February 2, 2019
14 "Crying Sky" Chuck works on an extraordinary plan to save him and his besties Red and Chuck from the unstoppable crying sky. 2:17 February 9, 2019
15 "Red's Playtime!" Sure the Angry Birds are running out of time and could soon be stuck in our world forever, but can anyone resist the joys of a playground? Certainly not Red. Let the fun begin! 2:19 February 16, 2019
16 "Fashion Show" In an effort to shake a mysterious stranger with a net, the Angry Birds stumble upon the school's lost and found and use their refined fashion tastes to come up with the perfect disguises. 2:17 March 2, 2019
17 "The Claw Machine" Red, Chuck and Bomb find themselves trapped inside an arcade claw machine. Will the Angry Birds figure out a way to escape before someone takes home a cuddly prize? 2:11 March 9, 2019


"The Bird Cage"

A mysterious stranger kidnaps Red, Chuck and Bomb. With the three friends locked up and time running out the Angry Birds future becomes uncertain. 2:33 March 16, 2019


"The Birds Set A Trap"

Red, Chuck and Bomb work tirelessly in the making of a miraculous machine capable of flipping the script on their captors and freeing the Angry Birds from captivity. 2:14 March 23, 2019


"The Pig Reveal"

Just as Red, Bomb and Chuck are about to return to their world and save the Angry Birds universe from destruction and despair, comes a startling revelation! 2:16 April 6, 2019


"The Birds Get Angry"

As a last ditch effort, the Angry Birds channel their anger into constructing a slingshot to free themselves 2:15 April 13, 2019


"The Final Showdown"

The first season of Angry Birds on the Run comes to a close with an epic showdown that has us all in suspense. Will the birds make it home to their world? Or will they be stuck in our world forever? At least our world has ice cream. 2:09 April 20, 2019

Compilation episodes

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No. Title Description Runtime Upload date
1 "Compilation Part One - Ep1-5" Check out episodes 1 to 5 all together in this amazing Angry Birds on The Run compilation! This series only gets better ;) 12:27 December 8, 2018
2 "Compilation Part Two - Ep6-11" Check out episodes 6 to 11 all together in this amazing Angry Birds on The Run compilation! Who is the mysterious person following Chuck, Red, and Bomb? Leave your guesses in the comments below! 13:01 January 21, 2019
3 "Compilation Part Three - Ep12-17" Check out episodes 12 to 17 all together in this amazing Angry Birds on The Run compilation! Are the birds finding their way, or are they getting lost on the beach? Maybe icecream and playgrounds are too distracting! Comment below if you think they can find the school in time! 13:10 March 12, 2019


Red, Chuck and Bomb as they appear in On the Run.


  • Mike Bodie as Red
  • Arnab Chanda as Chuck
  • Baker Terry as Bomb, King Pig, additional voices
  • Anna Antoniades as the Girl, additional voices



Angry Birds on The Run - New Series Trailer


  • This is the first Angry Birds show to be completely in Live-Action, by having all the characters being plush toys.
  • The series was filmed in Norwich, England.


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