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Arctic Eggspedition is the seventeenth episode in Angry Birds Seasons. This is the fourth Christmas-themed episode and the second and the final episode of the Season 2013 package. It was first revealed on AngryBirdsNest on November 22, 2013.

It is based on Christmas 2013. It introduced the festive spirit with 25 advent calendar levels – one for each day leading up to Christmas as well as 4 bonus levels.

Golden Eggs

  1. The Big Stove is unlocked after 3-starring all levels of this level, which is possible after 25th Dec 2013 or purchasing it with $0.99
  2. Located at 1-1, simply use Chuck to tip over the thin sheet of ice below the egg. It is visible.
  3. Located at 1-6, use the Yellow Bird to clear the top of the level, waste the others and use the final Yellow Birds to enter the cave with a wooden arrow to get the egg. It's not visible, but it's there.
  4. Located at 1-15, the golden egg is visible in the middle of all of the structures. Use the Yellow Bird to clear the snow beneath it through underwater, then the rubble will collapse, and the egg will be obtained.


  • Arctic Eggspedition is the fourth Christmas-based episode in Seasons in four consecutive years. The other three are Season's Greedings for 2010 (Season 2010), Wreck the Halls for 2011 (Season 2011), and Winter Wonderham for 2012 (Season 2012).
  • This is the fifth episode having levels unlocked by advent-calendar, with the first being Season's Greedings (from Season 2010), the second being Summer Pignic (also from Season 2011), the third being Wreck the Halls (Season 2011) and the fourth being Winter Wonderham (Season 2012).
  • Bubbles did not appear in any level. Also, the present for bonus points from the first three Christmas episodes did not appear, so this episode marks the absence of Bubbles. But if you use the background for the title screen, he makes an appearance anyways.
  • The four bonus levels to unlock by getting stars and earning feathers also did not appear.
  • This episode's background is in relation to the North Pole.
  • This is the first episode where the pigs wear sweaters and other cold-related clothing items.
  • This is the second episode to feature water-based physics, with the first being Piglantis.
  • It is the first episode in Season 2013, thus making Season 2013 the second shortest season ever with only two episodes. First being Season 2010 which also has only two episodes.
  • This episode is currently only available on iOS, OSX, Android, PC, and Mac devices.
  • It is also possibly the first episode to come out on Android first, and iOS, OSX, and Mac to follow the next day instead of the usual iOS and Android first, and other platforms later.
  • The pigs freeze when they plunge underwater, similar to Angry Birds Space when the pigs get flung out of the atmosphere. But instead of turning very light blue, they freeze up into a block of ice.
  • This is the first advent calendar episode that allows you to buy all the levels (including the bonus levels) for $0.99. It won't automatically three-star all the levels for you, but will unlock the "Big Stove" Golden Egg.
  • The title is a pun on "Arctic Expedition". 


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