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The Artist Pig is a Minion Pig that first appeared in the Angry Birds Payment Cards, and later appeared in Angry Birds Toons and in Stella Toons. He serves as King Pig and Gale's royal painter, though the difference between the two being that King Pig appreciates his art while Gale does not.


He is a Minion Pig with a beret on his head, sometimes with a thin curly mustache. In the Angry Birds Stella TV series, he has a black beret and a navy blue beret with multiple color paint splashes on it.


Artist Pig is a very sweet and ambitious artist, but is often discouraged by Gale when she yells at him for his low quality art. He feels dejected whenever Gale mistreats him and damages his self-esteem. However, after meeting Willow, she inspires him to improve his art by essentially mentoring him. He quickly catches on, and uses his newfound artistic knowledge to the best of his ability.


One day the birds got the flu and the Corporal Pig and his Minion Pigs stole the eggs. In honor of this special occasion, the artist began to paint the King Pig eating eggs. But he was never able to do this, because the returning pigs infected everyone, including the artist, with the flu.

Then he appeared in Angry Birds Stella in the episode The Golden Egg. He painted a portrait for Gale, but she didn't like it, so she threw the pig and his work out the window. The next time he painted another portrait for her in The Portrait series, but she didn’t like this one either. When the pigs kidnapped Willow, who forced him to paint, she taught the artist at the same time. But Gale was again not pleased with the artist’s work, and she broke his brush. At the end, Willow gave him hers.

Later, in the Premonition series, he tried to carve a statue out of stone, but he still couldn’t do it. He was greeted by Willow passing by, who quickly carved a butterfly out of a stone. Then they began to draw, run, look at and feed the animals together. When Willow went away to pick berries for the butterflies, the artist was turned to stone by the action of Gale's Golden Egg. Fleeing from the forest, the bird rolled him to her friends on the Tree of Friendship...

In the final episode of the animated series, it is shown that he was freed and rejoiced at the butterflies, and then ran away from the critters.

Media appearances[]

Angry Birds Toons[]

Bird Flu[]

An Artist Pig is seen painting a portrait of King Pig eating an egg, before he becomes ill.

Angry Birds Stella (TV series)[]

The Golden Egg[]

Artist Pig is drawing a portrait of Gale (resembling the style of Pablo Picasso's paintings) and shows it to her. But she throws the painted canvas onto his body and tosses him out of the window.

The Portrait[]

Artist Pig is again attempting to make a portrait for Gale, only for her to get mad and throw the easel board and his color pallet at him. this prompted Gale to kidnap Willow and force her to fix the painting Artist Pig drew. Artist Pig is impressed with Willow's revision, and even supports Willow to paint a ginormous painting of Gale. Around when she was drawing the painting for Gale, Willow gave tips to Artist Pig on how to improve his artwork. When he showed his new art piece to Gale, she breaks the painting and snaps his paintbrush in half. Furious that Gale hurt her new friend, Willow gave Artist Pig her brush and took revenge by painting a giant pig nose on the giant painting.


When Willow visits the forest to see if her critter friends are okay, she is surprised to see Artist Pig in the forest, trying his hand at sculpting, but just like painting, he is not good at it. Willow shows him how to sculpt properly, only to receive flashbacks to the dream she had about everything turning into stone. She brushes it off though and teaches Artist Pig how to train the critters. However her dreams turn out to be true when the critters and Artist Pig are turned into stone. Willow rushes the stoned pig back to the Big Tree, and her friends are impressed with it, oblivious that it was Artist Pig turned into stone.

Last Bird Standing[]

Artist Pig appears still as a statue. on a pillar near the campfire Stella uses to keep herself warm and cozy.

You Asked For It[]

It wasn't until Stella and her friends launched the Golden Egg out of Golden Island, that he was reverted to normal, hanging out with the critters, before being chased by the monster protecting the Golden Egg.

Game Appearances[]

Angry Birds Stella[]

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Angry Birds Blast![]

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Artist Pig/Gallery


  • His drawing skills actually become worse from The Golden Egg to The Portrait and later improved at the near end of The Portrait because of Willow's inspiration to do better.
  • He is the only pig not to act as an antagonist to Stella's Flock in Angry Birds Stella.
  • His role in Stella Toons is being the painter of Gale. He is also the best friend of Willow.
  • Before he appeared in the Stella animated series, his old design was seen on the Angry Birds Payment Cards page.
  • Artist Pig started stone sculpting as he may have thought that stone sculpting would be better.
  • Artist Pig made a little better stone sculpture of a flower that fell from the silhouette as he thought it was not good in Premonition.
  • He getting turned into stone is ironic as he sculpts statues and sculptures out of stone.

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