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Baby is a dog in an ice block and Zeta's pet who appeared in The Angry Birds Movie 2. He is a Chihuahua, and he is the 6th Dog character to appear in the Angry Birds series (After Luiz, Toy Dog, Xoloitzcuintle, Unweaned Dog and Yard Dog)


He is a beige dog with a long body, black parts such as head and back, a tiny tail of the same color, a black snout, white mouth, chest, and feet and two big ears (Just like a Chihuahua). He is stuck in a transparent ice block.


Zeta tries to give love to her pet, not noticing his problem with the inability to adapt to the local climate.

Baby can't do most of the things that a normal dog does, such as eating. Zeta tries to feed him dog food with a spoon, but there's ice blocking his mouth and the Seal keeps stealing the food. He also can't walk, as he has to be moved with a rope to move. It's unknown how he can survive.

He has a love interest with a Seal and was later unfrozen after being launched off Eagle Island's destruction, but froze again after falling in the sea.

However, he went to Bird Island in an unknown way, probably diving to it or Zeta saved him. The ice cube he was encased in was likely melted when he went to Bird Island, due to the warmer conditions.

Baby after being freed from the ice block,

Baby without an ice block.

Game Appearances[]

Angry Birds Friends![]

Baby Friends

Baby appears in the Operation: Eagle Island Tournament as a rescuable animal that often appears in ice cubes and rarely appears without them.

Angry Birds Reloaded[]

Baby makes a brief appearance in different scenes.


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