Template:Episode"Baby's Shaky Rideis the third episode of Angry Birds on The Run. It premiered on November 17, 2018 alongside "On The Other Side " and "Food Hunt". 


Getting a ride sounds like a good idea for the three lost Angry Birds. But things get a bit shaky when the vehicle's driver turns out to be a moody baby.


The episode starts in a place where two garbage bags are present, with one shaking continuously until its lid opens and a vandalised magazine featuring the news of the birds (Red, Chuck and Bomb) missing from the game, falls on the ground. The scene then shifts to the streets where the birds are seen walking with Bomb complaining about walking continuously. Red reminds him that they have been walking for just 43 seconds and the shouting that he doesn't have legs, which Bomb takes an insult. Chuck tries to calm them down but moves a step back when he sees a man walking with a baby stroller. Red then gets a good idea, but without Red saying anything, Chuck predicts the idea and runs in his super speed but comes with a smoothie, sipping it. Red becomes annoyed by this and saying to Chuck that this wasn't his idea. Red then explains that they hitch a ride on the wagon thing (baby-stroller) to keep seeing. Chuck and Bomb agree. The scene then cuts to the birds, one over the other, waiting for the moment to jump on a stroller a woman was walking with. The time comes and the birds quickly jump on the stroller, with the woman not noticing them. Red celebrates it but this is cut short by a baby who happened to be in the stroller. As the woman walks, the baby catches the birds as toys and plays with them, with the birds shouting. Finally, after a few seconds, the baby throws all three of them out of the stroller. Red then says that even if it was not a perfect one, at least they made it to where they needed to go. But Chuck asks Red where they were supposed to be. Red then gets confused because he thought he was following Chuck, but Chuck was following Red. Bomb then asks for the next plan. But the scene shifts to Chuck and Bomb drinking the same flavoured smoothie. Chuck then asks Red whether he wants to get out of this, to which Red replies in affirmative, but a bit irritated. The scene then finally shifts to the house of the mysterious person seen in the previous episode doing research on the birds. He/she finishes her work and proceeds to take a bug net and moves out of the house hunting for the birds.



Baby's Shaky Ride/Transcript



  • This episode was re-released on December 8, 2018 in "Compilation Part One - Ep1-5".


Angry Birds on The Run - Baby's Shaky Ride - S1 Ep3

Angry Birds on The Run - Baby's Shaky Ride - S1 Ep3

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