Meet Stella (also known as The Back to School Short Animation) is a trailer released on Aug 8, 2012 [1], introducing Stella the Pink Bird, and featuring Angry Birds Seasons' Back to School.


One day, Stella is seen walking outside, blowing bubbles. She then hears a nearby commotion. She then hides in a bush to see what's going on. She then sees Corporal Pig teaching (a reference to the title of the episode) three Large Pigs another plan to capture the Eggs. Stella, shocked at this, she enrages and blows one of her bubbles in the shape of an egg. The scene shifts back to the Corporal Pig's lesson while it notices the egg-shaped bubble fly by. All four of the pigs stare at the bubble, and chase after it, mistaking it for an egg. They then follow it to the edge of a cliff. They all jump at the egg, trying to catch it, but crash into each other when the bubble pops, and fall down into the abyss. Stella, victorious, sticks her tongue at the pigs and blows more bubbles.

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Meet the Pink Bird A new member of the Angry Birds!

Meet the Pink Bird A new member of the Angry Birds!



  • Corporal Pig has his older Angry Birds Toons animation and without a card in his helmet. When he falls in the cliff, you can notice a card in his helmet.
  • The pigs corpses are again used in the episode Slingshot 101, when they are launched with the slingshot.
  • Corporal Pig uses a sponge as an eraser.




  • Red and King Pig are used in the drawing, but they weren't in the short animation.
  • Stella didn't appear in the drawing, but she appeared in the short animation.

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