Template:Epic Infobox Level Bacon Bay - 10 is a level in the Chronicle Caves. When the player wins, they may spin for a treasure. Knight of flowers is fought here.

Cave Effects


The Knight of Flowers is defeated and the gate to Volcano Jaw is unlocked.


Knight of Flowers

Rose Thrust - Deals 2350 damage. Target also takes 588 damage per turn for the next three turns.

Garland of Roses - Enemies attacking the target receive 1292 damage per attack. Lasts three turns.

Ironclad - Passive: Damage less than 1122 deals only half the damage.

Cute Cupid

You will have to fight 2 of these.

Lovestruck Strike - Deals 130 damage.

Stumble - The pig stumbles and does nothing. Stupid pig.

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