Angry Birds Evolution Bacon Juice

A box of Bacon Juice that appears on a cutscene.

Bacon Juice is an energy drink that appears in Angry Birds Evolution. It's an important item in the story. It's made by the pigs with Peck Girl's anger gene.

Bottle Appearence

It's a normal bottle (Apparently made of plastic or glass) with a label with the Bacon Corp. symbol on it. On the top of it, there's a red cap with two holes that has a snout form made to put straws in it. Inside it, there's the glowing Bacon Juice liquid.


When a Bacon Juice is drank, the drinker of it will drastically change their appearance. Green fur and spikes will start to grow on it. (In case of the pigs) The eyes will be yellow and will start to glow. Many warts will start to appear. (Also in case of the pigs) The eyebrows grow drastically. The color will change. The drinker will get angry and many other mutations will start happening.

Known users


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