Let's see what you do when all my pigs are transformed. Prepare to be crushed! HAHAHAHAHA!
— Don Bacon
Baconheadz (also known as Angry Pigs) are dangerous enemies who appear towards the end of Angry Birds Evolution. They are the elite soldiers of Bacon Corp and the products of Don Bacon's anger research. They were created when Don Bacon used the anger gene he extracted from Peck Girl as the main ingredient in an energy drink called Bacon Juice, which was then distributed to all the pigs on Bird Island and caused them to mutate into Baconheadz upon consumption. These pigs are set apart from the rest of their pigs not only by their grotesque appearance (having sickly green skin, yellow eyes, a lot of body hair, and Bacon Juice dribble all over their mouths) but also by their ability to get Enraged (or Enrage other pigs) to increase their attacking power significantly. The first Baconhead encountered in the game is a boss-level Rocky who serves as the final boss of Red Canyon. This Baconhead was apparently a prototype, as stated by Don Bacon after the birds defeated it. After that, Don Bacon began sending crates of Bacon Juice all over Bird Island to get his minions turned into Baconheadz. After this point, Baconheadz appear frequently in the main campaign battles and can also spawn in battles found by the Scouts.

Types of Baconheadz

  • Soda Jerk (Small): Arguably the least dangerous of the bunch. Attacks by throwing a can at the birds. Screams when KO'd, which enrages all other pigs in the battle.
  • Choleric (Small): Attacks by jumping on the birds. Screams when critically hit.
  • Furious Pig (Small): Attacks by jumping on the birds. Enrages every pig he touches.
  • Hoarder (Small): Doesn't attack the birds directly, but throws a can at another pig, enraging it and reducing its attack cooldown by at least one point.
  • Soda Boar (Small): Attacks by letting out a deafening grunt that damages the birds and enrages all other pigs in the battle.
  • Porkupine (Medium): When he's ready to attack, he lets out a scream that summons two small Baconheadz into battle. If enraged, he'll summon three Baconheadz. He also has spikes that extend and retract at regular intervals, damaging the birds if they hit him when they're out.
  • Boozy Boar (Medium): Attacks by drinking a can of Bacon Juice to regain some health, then throwing the can at the birds. The can then ricochets onto a random pig, which becomes enraged.
  • Big Brother (Large): Attacks by jumping on the birds. Becomes enraged if another pig is KO'd while he's still in the battle.
  • Massive Moron (Large): Attacks by drinking a can of Bacon Juice, which heals and enrages him, then throws the empty can at the birds. He also constantly rotates in real-time, trying to catch the can of Bacon Juice that hangs from the hook of a fishing rod strapped to his back.
  • Piggy Kong (Huge): Attacks by throwing a barrel of TNT at the birds, dealing heavy damage and stunning one bird for at least one turn.
  • Rocky (Huge): Attacks by letting out an ear-splitting war cry, enraging all pigs within range, then jumping on the birds. He becomes enraged when his health gets low.
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