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This is a list of achievements obtainable in Bad Piggies but there were no achievements in its free counterpart.


Episode completion Achievements

Achievements Description Points Image
Ground Hog Day Episode 1 Completed 5 Ground Hog Day Achievements.webp
Well Grounded Episode 1 Three-starred 10 Well Grounded.webp
Ground Breaker Episode 1 Bonus Levels Three-starred 5 Ground Breaker.webp
Rise and Swine Episode 2 Completed 5 Rise & Swine.webp
Early Pig Episode 2 Three-starred 5 Early Pig.webp
Hog of the Morning Episode 2 Bonus Levels Three-starred 5 Hog of the morning.webp
When Pigs Fly Episode 3 Completed 5 When Pigs Fly.webp
Born to be Airborne Episode 3 Three-starred 10 Born to be Airborne.webp
Pretty Fly Episode 3 Bonus Levels Three-starred 5 Pretty Fly.webp
Flight in the Night Episode 4 Completed 5 Flight in the Night.webp
The Great Escape Episode 4 Three-starred 10 The Great Escape.webp
Heist of the Century Episode 4 Bonus Levels Three-starred 5 Heist of the Century.webp
Sweet Nightmares Episode 5 Completed 5 Sweet Nightmares.webp
Ham Helsing Episode 5 Three-starred 10 Ham Helsing.webp
Boar of the Undead Episode 5 Bonus Level Three-starred 5 Boar of the Undead.webp

Level completion Achievements

Achievement Description Points Image
Skilled Pilot 50 Levels Finished witout damages to the vehicles. 10 Skilled Pilot.webp
Porcine Cannonball Level Finished with just TNT and Pig. 5 Porcine Cannonball.webp
Pumpkin Chariot Level Finished with the Pumpkin with candy 5 Pumpkin Chariot.webp
Cake walk Level Finished with all desserts collected 5 Cake Walk.webp

Parts Achievements

Achievement Description Points Image
Junior Wrecker 1000 parts broken off 5 File:Junior Wrecker.jpg
Qualified Wrecker 10000 parts broken off 5 File:Qualified Wrecker.jpg
Veteran Wrecker 100000 parts broken off 5 File:NA.jpg
Pigshaw King Pig succesfully transported 5 times 5 File:Pigshaw.jpg
Hogffuer King Pig succesfully transported 50 times 5 File:Hogffeur.jpg
Complex Complex Vehicle created with atleast 25 parts 5 File:Complex Complex.jpg
Boom Boom I Exploded 50 TNT's 5 File:Boom Boom 1.jpg
Boom Boom II Exploded 500 TNT's 5 File:Boom Boom 2.jpg
Boom Boom III Explode 5000 TNT's 5 File:Boom Boom 3.jpg
Think inside the Box Placed a pig inside Wood 5 File:Think Inside the Box.jpg
Think outside the Box Level Finished with Pig outside Wood 5 File:Think Outside the Box.jpg
Popper's Theory I Popped 100 Balloons 5 File:Popper's Theory 1.jpg
Popper's Theory II Popped 1000 Balloons 5 File:Popper's Theory 2.jpg
Popper's Theory III Popped 10000 Balloons 5 File:Popper's Theory 3.jpg
Crash Course Activate 6 rockets of The same color orientation at once 5 File:Crash Course.jpg
Sucker Punch Punch King Pig with the Boxing Glove in a box 5 File:Sucker Punch.jpg
Spider Pig Ride upside down with the Suction Cup Wheels 5 File:Spider Pig.jpg
Swingin' Piggies Swing a Pig with the Grappling hook 5 File:Swingin' Piggies.jpg
King Pig of the Jungle Swing King Pig twice without touching the Ground. 5 File:King Pig of the Jungle.jpg
Gap the Bridge Break a bridge. 5 File:NA.jpg
Pigfall Fall into a pit in Little Pig Adventure sandbox. 5 File:NA.jpg
Full Reverse Use the gearbox in a contraption. 5 File:NA.jpg

Consumables and Collectibles Achievement

Achievement Description Points Image
Brush with the Past Collected a Pig Skull 5 File:Brush with the Past.jpg
Adventurer Collected 10 Pig Skulls 5 File:Adventurer.jpg
Discoverer Collected 20 Pig Skulls 5 File:Discoverer.jpg
Master Explorer Collected 30 Pig Skulls 5 File:Master Explorer.jpg
Confectioner Collected 20 desserts 5 File:Confectioner.jpg
Feeder Fed King Pig 211 desserts 5 File:Feeder.jpg
King's Favourite Recieved a power-up for feeding King Pig 5 File:King's Favourite.jpg
Super Charged Used the Turbo Charge Power-up 5 File:Super Charged.jpg
Indestructible Used the Super Glue Power-up 5 File:Indestructible.jpg
Chips for Whips Used the Super Mechanic Power-up 5 File:Chips and Whips.jpg
Magnet Master Collected all desserts and a Star Box in a level using the Super Magnet Power-up 5 File:Magnet Master.jpg
Mega Master Explorer Discovered 45 Pig Skulls 5 File:Mega Master Explorer.jpg
A-Maze-Ing Collect the star in the labyrinth in Little Pig Adventure sandbox. 5 File:NA.jpg
That'll Do, Pig Collect all stars from Little Pig Adventure. 5 File:NA.jpg
Rube Goldpig Machine Collect a star with chain reaction in Little Pig Adventure sandbox. 5 File:NA.jpg
Gotta Go Fast Collect the Alley-oop star in Little Pig Adventure sandbox. 5 File:NA.jpg

Statistics Achievements

Achievement Description Points Image
Tourist I Traveled 1000 miles in a vehicle 5 File:Tourist 1.jpg
Tourist II Traveled 10000 miles in a vehicle 5 File:Tourist 2.jpg
Tourist III Traveled 100000 miles in a vehicle 5 File:Tourist 3.jpg
Rolling Low I Rolled 10 miles on ground 5 File:Rolling Low 1.jpg
Rolling Low II Rolled 100 miles on ground 5 File:Rolling Low 2.jpg
Rolling Low III Rolled 1000 miles on ground 5 File:Rolling Low 3.jpg

Miscellaneous Achievements

Achievement Description Points Image
Literate Individual Checked the Credits 5 File:Literate Individual.jpg
Cannon Fadder Got hit by An Angry Bird 5 File:Ner Ner?.jpg
Ner! Ner! Evaded or Dodged a launched Angry Bird 5 File:Ner Ner!.jpg
Show off Used the Recording Feature 5 File:Show Off.jpg
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