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These are some of the bugs or errors that happen in Bad Piggies.

Melting Pig Glitch

If you land on the ground hard enough (most of the time caused by TNT), your pig will be under the ground.

Spring Explosion

This could sometimes be caused by Hyperdrive Dragster by using 2 springs with a driving wheel or a mechanical yellow umbrella. Just wait until this happens (best if you do this on S-2).

Exploding Rope Glitch

If you have the plunger wheel over the ropes, the ropes will explode and will become thin orange lines surrounding every part of the screen (except the buttons and the pause menu).

Flying King Pig and Wheel Glitch

If you place a suction wheel on a box and King Pig on the tire, all three of them will soar into the air, in some cases hitting the ceiling in the Field of Dreams.

Sucker Punch Glove Glitch

If you launch two sucker punch boxes, one glove from one box will come out and come back in the box, and the other glove from the other box, will come out but will stay out once it comes back in.

Lightning Glitch

If a lot of TNTs are placed on the springs, the springs go haywire, forming a piece of lightning, knocking out several other parts, leaving you with nothing but parts and the pig on the ground.

Melting Sandbags

To do this glitch, first, make a heavy-weighted vehicle with sandbags at the bottom. Then start. Then drop the sandbags. Notice that they will go through the ground/stone/surface. Tested on FITN Sandbox 1

Plumbing tool in the air

On any level that has TNT and the Plumbers tool, if you can do it correctly, the plumbing tool will be in the air connecting to the TNT even though it already exploded.

Glue Glitch

Some of the videos have glue with something there and play originally until lots of stuff is flying all over and falls on the ground.

Eyeless Glitch

According to Smankusors: all versions of the game except v1.9, if you stack two wooden boxes, place the pig in the top box, and then place 3 TNTs in this format: two spaces above, one space above and one to the left, and one space above and one to the right, when they drop and explode, the pig's pupils will be missing. The second way was found by the youtuber Superfly Gaming features a footage of him doing the glitch with three 3-stared sandbags (which cosplays gold coal) and places around many disguised pigs. Which then their pupils is white. However, later the video was removed. But the glitch can work with the cloning glitch.

Loot Crate Glitch (Cake Race)

In cake race, waiting for a loot crate can go up to a whopping 1 million hours (114 years, 1.84109 months) due to a glitch. To open it costs 9999 snout coins. It can be fixed by leaving the app (closing it) and then re-entering. It is caused by disconnecting from the internet or having bad/slow internet.

76906H 14M

Cloning/Broken Object Glitch (Sandbox)

To do this glitch, go to any sandbox. Place one or more ropes with multiple or single items (Ross is an exception). Press the tool icon and go to any other number that isn't the one you're on, and then the ropes, along with the items you placed, will start falling to the ground. Cycle through the two number buttons to see the objects starting to glitch. Then, place Ross and press the start button. Press the retry button, go to the tool button again, then go to any other number, and back to the one you built this glitch in. One of many results is cloned items.Another is very broken items. Keep playing and retrying to see different effects. Each item will function different.

Spring: If you do this glitch with springs, they will stretch out, fly, and move fast! It also moves Ross around, too.

Boxing Glove: If you do the glitch on boxing gloves, they will fly like springs, but there will also be gloves attached to the top and bottom of the item.

Boxes: If you place Ross inside a box whist doing this glitch, he will either be rotated inside the box, or the box will move and it will kick him out. The box would also rotate very fast. There is also a rare occurrence in which Ross would spin very fast.

Grappling Hooks: If you do the glitch to grappling hooks, the plungers will be removed off of them.

Sandbags: If you cycle through the numbers while sandbags are placed, they will start to clone themselves.

Soda Bottles, Rockets, and small items: If you do the glitch, some parts are duplicated in random places.

However, doing this numerous times. The game will actually crash.

50+ Coins Glitch

To do this glitch, tap on the 50+ Coins button & when the ad video pop up, go back to the home screen (Do not close the game) & when you get back into the game, the ad video disappears & the 50 coins gets added without waiting.

3D Appearance Glitch

So to do this glitch, you need ropes, wooden blocks, King Pig, and of course, Ross. For an example, place a box cuboid (e.g.: 6x4 wooden blocks), and put king pig inside. After that, press the "clip" button on the top left, and press number 1, 2, or 3. (depends on which number you built the cube on.) after the cube becomes a moving object, put Ross, and other square shaped objects INSIDE the cube. The more objects, the more 3D chance. You will see Ross and the objects spinning like something that has 3D physics. Grappling Hook: If you place grappling hooks and rotate it while the cuboid glitches, it will either detach, or explode the cuboid.

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