This is the list of unused content in the game Bad Piggies.



Bomb would have launched himself off the slingshot and probably used his ability in the game, but his sprites weren't used. This
can be proven by files of his launch and defeated sprites. He probably would work as TNT and have exploded Ross's vehicles while in motion.

Miner's Helmet

Ross would have used a miner's helmet during dark levels
, possibly in The Road to El Porkado, as it's in the same accessory sheet of the adventurer's hat and there weren't hats when the Mechanic Pig's hat levels were released. 

It probably would work as a light (Because Ross has a light on The Road To El Porkado cave levels), but was replaced by the adventurer hat to give an adventure feeling.

Different Christmas Sock Custom Parts

In the game, there is a Christmas Sock custom part of the sandbags, but in the files, there are more two of them, the

All of the unused custom parts and cake sprites can be seen on this sprite rip by PRO-Time Gamer.

first is mostly white with green and red stripes, the second is mostly green with white and red spots. They were probably made as a test, maybe for different star parts or quantity.

Injured Pig-In-The-Box

In the files, there is an injured sprite for the Pig-In-The-Box Custom Part, it was probably an old design for the normal part or would appear when it hits a solid part.

Christmas Spring

In the files, there is a sprite for white and red spring custom parts. It was unused for unknown reasons.

Transparent Green Box

In the files, there is an unused sprite for a Green Box, it is known to have transparency and was probably an Alien Version of the wooden box.

Bitten Cake

In the files, there is a sprite for a bitten cake of the cake race, it was unused for unknown reasons, it probably would work as an icon.

Monster Wheel

The Monster Wheel was seen in version 1.4, The wheel itself can even phase through solid objects and it even made the vehicle even bouncy. Later, It was removed in the later updates and never have any skins, but it can be restored by using a mod.

Monster Wheel

The Monster Wheel, as seen in Version 1.4

ve Unused Content
* - Discontinued, cancelled, or closed
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