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Bad Piggies 21-12
Episode Bad Piggies
Level Number 345
Birds Sequence Terence Matilda Hal Chuck
No. of Pigs Small Pig x6
3-Star Score ThreeStars (Transparent).png: 100,000 points
Blocks Unknown
Other features Unknown
Bad Piggies 21-11 Bad Piggies 21-13

Bad Piggies 21-12 is the twelveth level of Bad Piggies in Angry Birds.


This level requires quite a bit of luck. Our strategy was to fling Terence relatively low up towards the second stone wrench from the left. If you’re lucky he will plow right through it impart enough force to take out the far right side. If this works all you have to do now is drop the egg bomb on the far right side of the leftmost tower, taking it down.

Video Walkthrough


Angry Birds 21-12 Bad Piggies 3 Star Walkthrough (Angry Birds Classic 21-12)

A score of 103,080.