Template:Theme InfoboxBad Piggies 21-2 is the second level of Bad Piggies.


The basic strategy for this level is to flinging the White bird high in the air, just left of the floating platform. Bomb the base of the right tower, detonating the TNT within. For high scores, you'll need to fling her at reduced speed, about 45 degrees from the slingshot, just over the first tower's (counting from left to right) roof. Then, bomb between the airplane and the right tower. If you try this way, sometimes, this will clear the whole level. If not, topple the left tower with a single Red bird. Red bird is very weak for this level so you'll get high scores if you've toppled it with the White bird.

Video Walkthrough


Angry Birds 21-2 Bad Piggies 3 Star Walkthrough (Angry Birds Classic 21-2)

A score of 79,620.

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