Template:Theme InfoboxBad Piggies 21-6 is the sixth level of Bad Piggies in Angry Birds.


Fire the Blue bird into the two ice triangles next to the Medium Pig. With a bit of luck, this can domino to detonate both TNTs, clearing all pigs with a single shot! Aiming and splitting is a hard work, plus you must be very very lucky to have the blocks falling the right way so try to get 3 stars if you dare. In the new version, Rovio has changed the level a little bit, make it even harder because you can't complete the level in a single shot. To complete the level in the new version, fire the first Blue bird as same as the old version. Then, fire the second one to the rectangle wooden block which has been stood on by the triangle wooden block which is at the left of the Small Pig sitting on the TNT. Strong Blue Birds should topple these wooden blocks and make the TNT explode. (It'll be easier to explode the TNT when you have topple the wooden blocks in the first shot) You have to destroy as much as you can to get 3 stars. Also, watch out for the far-left Small Pig, the far-right pig which is sitting on the far-right chainsaw and also the Golden Wrench as these things are hard to destroy.

Video Walkthrough

Angry Birds 21-6 Bad Piggies 3 Star Walkthrough (Angry Birds Classic 21-6)

Angry Birds 21-6 Bad Piggies 3 Star Walkthrough (Angry Birds Classic 21-6)

A score of 84,970.

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