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Score Mighty Eagle Versions

Bad Piggies 21-7 is the seventh level of Bad Piggies in Angry Birds.


There are a lot of strategies in this level but most of them are similar to the basic one. The basic strategy is to lob the first white bird at a very high arch so he comes down in the third gap from the left. Drop the egg bomb at the last minute, when she is inside the third gap to take out the middle tower, and with some luck the platform structure should collapse as well. The wooden triangle at the bottom left of the structure is the key as you should drop the egg bomb on it. Now fling the second white bird high up into the first gap. Drop the egg bomb at the last minute, when she is inside the first gap, to take out the middle tower and ideally the top left part of the structure will come down, netting you all the pigs and the gold wrench. Its collapse should also take down the middle part of the structure with the pig in it. Now use one more white bird to clean up the debris by the sand bags while also ricocheting into the top right pig. If you done right, you should earn a score of 140000+.

Video Walkthrough[]


Angry Birds 21-7 Bad Piggies 3 Star Walkthrough (Angry Birds Classic 21-7)

A score of 142,860.

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