Bad Princess
Bad Princess title card (Click to zoom)
Episode number 2
Air Date November 8, 2014
Written by Anastasia Heinzl
Directed by Kari Juusonen
Birds Stella Poppy ABGS-Dahlia.png ABGS-Luca.pngWillowABStella (Transparent).png Gale
Pigs Minion Pig HandsomePig.png
A Fork in the Friendship The Golden Egg

Bad Princess is the second episode of Angry Birds Stella Animated Series.

This episode marks the first appearance of Handsome Pig and the Critters.

Toons.TV Description

The birds don't have much time to miss Gale after her departure before a great ruckus erupts in the forest beneath the Big Tree. What in the name of Golden Island is going on down there?


Stella is seen jumping off of branches on the big tree, where she bounces on a much too light one and ends up flying in the air. She falls, attempting to grab branches along the way, until she hits a platform. She is dazed for a while until she hears the sound of Gale's voice. Stella rushes to her house, only to realize that it was Poppy fooling around with her belongings. Stella commands Poppy to put it back where it was, and she does so reluctantly. Then they hear banging, and rush outside. The critters of Golden Island are flying around, and it is realized that the banging is caused by Willow, who is trying to get the flock's attention. They rush to a platform that views most of Golden Island, only to show a sole tree being chopped down. It falls, and the Stella's flocks is shocked, they rush down to the area only to see the Handsome Pig (Antti LJ Pääkkönen) and the other Pigs chopping down the trees in order to construct Gale's palace. Stella commands them to stop, but the Pigs refuse. Frustrated, Stella ricochets from one tree stump to another until she squishes one pig who has just gotten out from underneath a log with the same log. Handsome Pig, in awe, commands the pigs to attack them. At first, the flock becomes scared but Stella encourages them to attack. They split up and attack the pigs. Upon Handsome Pig being beaten, he runs away. Stella follows him, leading her to Gale's castle. Upon reaching the site, she finds Gale and Handsome Pig grinning evilly, and summons an army of pigs. With no choice, Stella runs off. Back at her home, she finds Luca amusing the others by dressing up as Handsome Pig. Then Poppy, wearing Gale's old hat comes up and entertains the others, making Stella's day.

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  • This was the first episode that has the appearance of Handsome Pig.
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