Bad Signal
Bad Signal TC
Episode number 4
Air Date March 17, 2018
Written by Chris Sadler
Directed by Meruan Salim
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Bad Signal is the fourth episode of Piggy Tales: 4th Street.

YouTube Description

The wrong pig, in the wrong place, at the right time.


The episode starts with a view of the Le Mudbucks Coffee where two pigs are sitting. One holds a radio while the other is sitting ideally. The pig with the radio tries to change the channel but comes out with the interrupting sound and the ideal pig is disturbed due to this. He then snatches the radio and puts a cloth hanger on the radio as it had no antenna. The radio plays a tone and the pig whom the radio belonged is overjoyed and takes the radio back but it is again interrupted. The ideal pig takes it again and fixes a wire and then takes out the antenna with the wire connected to it. The ideal pig orders the pig whom the radio belonged to go back until the radio signal arrives. When the pig stands in the middle of the road, the signal arrives and both pigs are happy. But the owner of the radio is flattened by a fast moving car. The signal is again interrupted. The ideal pig then asks the owner of the radio to climb on the wooden pole where wires were connected. The pig does so but slips a little. He climbs on the top and succeeds and climbs on a wire, balancing himself. He nearly falls but holds the wire. He comes down with the wire attached to the radio and the signal arrives. The pig tests the wire by bending up and down continuously. The one with the radio then gets angry and takes the hanger antenna from the owner of the radio but unfortunately, he holds the wire too and flies off as the wire flung back to its position. The pig gets the signal and is happy. But he is unaware that the antenna and the pig are stuck in the billboard on the top of the shop. The ideal pig struggles to come out but fails. The pig with the radio enjoys the tone.



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Piggy Tales 4th Street - Bad Signal-0

Piggy Tales 4th Street - Bad Signal-0

Piggy Tales music - 4th Street Main theme

Piggy Tales music - 4th Street Main theme

Music that is played on the radio

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