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Bake On! is the twenty-fifth episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 3 and the one hundred third overall.

This episode explains why Chef Pig in Eggshaustion is a Minion Pig and not the original Chef Pig, which he got demoted in this episode. It was aired on May 6, 2016.

Toons.TV Description

A student pig stumbles upon a cake recipe that drives King Pig wild. Does Piggy Island have a new chef pig?



Chef Pig is seen showing off his 3 perfect cupcakes to his students Minion Pigs, and then instructing them to make their own replication of his cupcakes. When they were finished, their cupcakes were a mess; set 1 was not baked, set 2 look almost alright but then blew up, and set 3 was burnt and then blew up too. However, that did not stop the students from laughing at each other's mistakes.

Chef Pig began to look rather crossed with the outcome when King Pig popped in. Chef Pig presented his cupcakes to the monarch. As King Pig eagerly took a cupcake and shoved it into his mouth, he showed no interest to its taste and delicacy. Then, he took a bite of one of the student pig's cupcakes and seemed to be very satisfied of the dessert. He immediately took another one, drooling with utter satisfaction, which infuriated Chef Pig even more.

King Pig then rushed to the blackboard and sketched his desired cake, a smashed cake. The minion pigs agreed and Chef Pig threw a sour look towards them.

In the process where the minion pigs were making the cake, Chef Pig sabotages each of them. He traps the first one in a bread cabinet, the second one inside the oven and smashing the the third one's finished cake with a rolling pin, which actually made the cake look more like the one King Pig wanted.

Chef Pig proceeds to make his own cake. King Pig then returns looking very impressed. Chef Pig presents his cake but King Pig ignores him and proceeds to the cake that Chef Pig struck, due to how much it matched that of his sketch. He then gobbles up the whole cake with joy, which made Chef Pig lose his mind. King Pig then went back to Chef Pig with joy, which made Chef Pig look pleased. However, he was then surprised as the monarch steals his hat to give to the minion pig.

Saddened, the former Chef Pig threw his cake away and walked away then He opened the Bread Cabinet and hid in there with the other minion pig that he trapped. Despite what happened, the trapped minion pig still offered the former Chef Pig a baguette. He accepted the baguette but not more than one bite, the bread cabinet closed on itself and the baguette bounced away from him.

In the credits, the former Chef Pig can be heard crying with the minion pig comforting him.



  • This episode dates in 2015 with the credits instead of 2016.


  • This is the 2nd episode where a pig is demoted, with the first being Battling Butlers.
  • This is the first episode where Chef Pig cried. However, this happened during the credits.
  • This is Chef Pig's final appearance in the season, and possibly, the final appearance in the series.