Balloon Pig
Balloon Pig 1
Abilities Inflate (in King Pig Mode)
First Appearance King Pig Mode
Gender Male
Species Pigs
Locations King Pig Mode
Strength Weak
Size Small

   Balloon Pig is a pig that appears in King Pig mode. He is shaped like a balloon with a pig's tail. The inflated form looks similar to the Fat Pig, and has two spots on the head. The ability of the Balloon Pig is to inflate like Bubbles .

The Balloon Pig makes no other appearance than in King Pig mode. However in Angry Birds Rio, the episode Carnival Upheaval had balloons of pigs that were not alive like this one. Most likely, this pig is alive despite being a balloon. However, it is uncertain whether this is just another non-living balloon.

He is the rarest pig to be found in King Pig Mode, as most of the levels that the system automatically selects are the ones that doesn't contains Bubbles. 


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