"With every single feather of my being, I am not going to let any of these eggs be taken from their parents."

The day after the Raid on the Eggs, a large flock of birds who lived at Bird Island planned to retrieve the eggs that the Bad Piggies have stolen the night before, with anger raging through their heart. The event received a lasting legacy as the second battle of the Great Egg War and is now referred to as the Battle of Pig City. Being the earliest major skirmish and the second battle of the Great Egg War, the main conflict between the birds and the pigs.

The battle started after Red rallied the birds to take back what was taken from them after the Raid on the Eggs, and built a raft made of materials given by the pigs, bringing along a colossal slingshot with them. The birds encountered no initial resistance upon reaching the island and arrived at a hill on the outskirts of Pig City. Red decided to enter the fortified city by using a slingshot to catapult them over the walls while using themselves as missiles to destroy structures and buildings. However, shortly after his coronation, their head of state - Leonard Mudbeard, discovered their plans and announced that the Pigs are going to feast on the eggs for lunch instead of dinner in hopes of giving the Birds less time to rescue them.

A great battle ensued as the birds sought to infiltrate the castle, where the eggs were located, but only three - Red, Chuck, and Bomb, managed to successfully enter. The Birds managed to locate the eggs but found themselves in a difficult struggle to retrieve them until Mighty Eagle stormed into the palace via Red sounding his call, using his incredible strength to break the walls and seize most of the eggs (while breaking some, killing some hatchlings) just before they were cooked. However, one egg containing three blue birds slipped from his grasp, which Red saved before he was confronted by the king. Red's successful efforts to protect it resulted in a massive explosion that eradicated many of the Pigs and much of their property. With the Pigs defeated and most of the Eggs safely retrieved, the Birds celebrated their victory and returned to their village, rebuild their civilization and continue their happy lives, while the surviving Pigs had already begun scheming for revenge.


Red: I need some angry, flockin, birds. You hear me! Now, who's angry?

The morning after their eggs were seized, the birds gathered at the beach where the pigs left. Judge Peckinpah expressed remorse for failing to heed Red's suspicions about the pigs and asked him what could be done. Red answered that the birds should sail to Piggy Island, the land of the Bad Piggies and told them that a boat must be built. Red calls upon the anger that he was notoriously known for and spreads it to the other birds, who have never known anger for much of their lives, to call them to action. With renewed resolve, the anger-fueled birds began building the raft (while accidentally tying up Hal) and rode it out to sea, taking the slingshot with them.

It was not long before the Birds reached Piggy Island. They stormed the beach and advanced further into the mainland to reach Pig City with no initial resistance, establishing a staging area on a hill overlooking it. When Stella asked Red about how the birds would enter the city, which was heavily fortified with a tall, outer wall, Red responded that they will use the slingshot to catapult themselves towards the castle located near the back of the city from their point of view. They prepare to initiate their assault in an attempt to reclaim their Eggs. This was later used multiple times in different battles.


The uncoronated Leonard Mudbeard welcoming, along with multiple other pigs, the eggs.

Before the birds went to the city, a celebration occurred at the courtyard of the Pig Palace, where the eggs were brought into the castle courtyard covered by a purple and gold tarp suspended by balloons. Many pigs were attending the festivities, holding up signs and cheering as they await the night when they would cook and eat them. Leonard was crowned King of Piggy Island and gave his coronation speech - about how his family failed to find the Eggs and only he found them, before commanding the pigs to present the
TheAngryBirdsMovie Trailer2

Leonard aiming his staff at the eggs, ordering Harvey to open the bent.

eggs openly. Leonard then announces that the pigs will have a feast on the eggs on "two nights hense".

Battle proper

Using the slingshot

Stella: "How are we going to get over those walls?"
Red: "I'll tell you how. We're gonna fly."

After Red made clear his plan of attack, Terence used his strength to man the slingshot and loaded Matilda in first, firing her into the city. As she descended towards impact, Matilda blasted some nearby country pigs, who were dancing with Earl, with purple egg bombs from her buttocks. Hal was then sent, but his special boomerang ability sent him back, making him impaled in a nearby tree with his massive beak and was dazed from the impact, leading Red to request medical attention (requesting Chuck for an icepack).

Red continues to press the attack by then having Terence launch Cyrus, a Mime, who screamed "Oh my god!" and a Doctor Bird, as well as a few other Birds, but only succeeded in damaging some buildings and knocking out several Construction Pigs. Despite the assault posing no immediate threat to his egg feast, it drew the attention of Leonard, who realizes that the Birds have returned and are attacking their city to reclaim the Eggs. Leonard announces that the Eggs would be feasted for lunch instead of dinner in hopes of giving the Birds less time to accomplish their mission, and orders to all Pigs to capture any Birds they find.

The Pigs grabbed some plunger weapons and set out to find and capture the Birds who were launched into the city, but without significant success. In particular, when some of them encountered Bubbles right after he was launched and landed, they tried to pile and grab on him, only to be instantly thrown away and crushed by his inflation ability. Judge Peckinpah is launched next, who then knocks down a few buildings and falls short of the castle. Stella was launched by Chuck and Bomb after him but loses momentum when she is flung right near a domed rooftop and kicks off of it, using parkour skills to bounce from one building to another, kicking several civilian pigs along the way, before crashing into an unstable one that collapses and fleeing from some guard pigs.

Infiltrating the palace


Red being launched towards the castle

Red: Terence, I got an idea. Do you think you can pull the slingshot back far enough to hit that giant boulder?

With time and birds running out, Red then decides to have his turn on the slingshot. He suggests a new angle of attack to Terence, which would be to launch him towards a large boulder at the castle, where he could bounce off and land through a rooftop in there. This approach proves successful, making Red the first bird to get inside the castle as he smashes through a glass dome to get inside as Leonard and Ross notice him.

The damage does not go unnoticed by Leonard, and he orders his Corporal Pigs to search the castle and capture Red before he causes more trouble. However, the Pigs fail to find him due to Red hiding in a picture before looking for the eggs. While Leonard awaited the capture of Red, he then ordered the Eggs to be brought inside a chamber sealed with a door marked "No eggs in here" and guarded by other pigs, in hopes of repelling the intruders.

Inspired by Red's successful slingshot run, Terence used a similar aiming path to get Chuck and Bomb into the castle as well, although this proves to be a very rough trip for the former, after using his speed boost to slam through multiple rooms of the castle, injuring himself.

The royal command

Leonard: My loyal subjects, the treacherous birds have repaid our friendship with an unprovoked act of aggression! The attack will fail! We have glass! We have wood! We have TNT! We tried to kill them with kindness… and now we're just gonna have to… well, you know.

Seeing that his Corporal Pigs were injured from Bomb's break-in or attempting to subdue the Birds that got into the City, Leonard dispatches a squadron of the Piggy Air Force's Pilot Pigs in an attempt to eliminate them. However, the Pigs' fighter planes were not well built, causing two of the planes to malfunction, with one of them crashing shortly after takeoff. Despite the Pilot Pigs' air superiority over the flightless Birds, their TNT-strafing runs did nothing more than scare and closing in on their targets.

Seeing their compatriots taking heavy fire from the Piggy Air Force, the Birds outside of the city prioritize the ramp from which the fighters took off as their next target in hopes of preventing more fighters from entering the battle. Terrence decides to step up to the Slingshot, hoping that his massive body would inflict substantial damage, but he pulls it back too far, causing it to fail violently, snapping in half and knocking him down. The Birds' only way of getting into the City was now gone.

Hunting for the eggs

Red: [to Chuck and Bomb] We got to figure out a way to get into that roo…

Meanwhile, Red, Chuck, and Bomb finally unite in the castle and eventually discover a room with a door marked "No eggs in here", under guard by Corporal Pigs. After examining the message, Chuck correctly deduces that the pigs are lying and the eggs are indeed behind the door. Red comes up with a plan to get the pigs distracted so that the door could be opened, one that involved Chuck using his super-speed ability to distort time, allowing him to manipulate the pigs in one fell swoop so that they would knock out or humiliate each other, leaving them unable to figure out what just happened.

But by the time the three Birds were able to open the door and finally find the eggs, Leonard activates an elevator button that hauls them up to the castle's great hall where they would be prepared to be eaten, but Red grabs and hitches a ride on the Eggs in hopes of saving them. Chuck and Bomb were unable to follow Red, forcing them to find a way into the great hall themselves.

The skirmish at the great hall

Red: [To Foreman Pig] Looks like it's just you and me, pork belly!

With the eggs finally brought into his great hall, Leonard announces that lunchtime is near, prompting chants from ravenous pigs including Ross, sitting at the table awaiting the beginning of their great feast. He would give the Foreman Pig the honor of lowering the eggs into a boiling cauldron via a wired remote, with Chef Pig standing by to keep watch and boil the Eggs. Upon noticing Red riding the eggs, Leonard expressed annoyance over how unyielding the birds have been over trying to retrieve their unborn, but then agrees that it would be favorable to kill Red by boiling him alive with the Eggs as well.

Meanwhile, Chuck and Bomb manage to get into a room adjacent to the great hall, with the latter planning to bring the former into it by blowing him through a pipe, which was not an easy task. As the Foreman Pig presses the button to lower the Eggs into the cauldron, Red leaps off the Eggs knocks the Foreman Pig through the window to his apparent death and grabs the wired remote, pressing the reverse button to raise the eggs away from the cauldron, to the surprise of the Chef Pig.

Mighty Eagle Cool Entrance

Just as Chuck and Bomb get into the great hall, Red notices Mighty Eagle flying around near the castle outside. Realizing that the three Birds themselves can't save the Eggs alone, Red decides to call upon Mighty Eagle despite his initial refusal to help. This time, Mighty Eagle chooses to answer Red's call, descending through the great hall, but then crashes into the cauldron and is briefly stunned.

The Fall of the Piggy Air Force

Bomb: [To Mighty Eagle] I BLEW UP! ON PURPOSE!

The arrival of Mighty Eagle would mark a critical turning point in the battle. This scares Chef Pig and he flees, Even though Leonard hoped to boil Mighty Eagle alive as he was incapacitated from the crash, he never got the chance as Mighty Eagle recovered quickly and seized the Eggs. Red, Chuck, and Bomb throw the pigs aside and hitch a ride, hoping to escape, but Leonard grabs Red by the leg. As the other pigs grab on they pull hard, causing the net to tear a little and one blue Egg to fall out of it, which Red catches. Red decides to stay in the great hall to defend it, despite seemingly impossible odds. Red, Leonard and the rest of the pigs then fight over the egg, with the fight causing the cauldron to be knocked down, spilling hot water across the great hall and sending Red and Leonard flying to the chandelier of the ceiling, like all other Pigs including flee for safety from the scathing, deadly liquid.

As Chuck and Bomb ride with Mighty Eagle to safety, they are pursued by the Piggy Air Force's fighters. Bomb then notices the ramp from which the fighters were taking off from, and leaps away from the net, bouncing off of multiple fighter planes to reach it. Then, he tries to think angry thoughts and succeeds in finally harnessing his destructive explosive powers for the first time to destroy the ramp before the rest of the piggy planes fly off, crippling the Pigs' air support.

Meanwhile, the Birds including Matilda, Stella, Bubbles, Mime, Alex, Brad, Athlete Bird, Brad's Girlfriend, Cyrus, and Peckinpah that got into the City were fending off the Corporal Pigs on the ground, with Matilda using her fireball power to fling away some other Pigs. After they were running from the City, they are rescued by Terence, who had somehow commandeered one of the Pigs' ground vehicles to get into the City. As Matilda and the other Birds climb into the vehicle, they drive away as the Pigs chase them. Back at the great hall, Red and Leonard continue their fight, leading up to the hall's chandelier, which was weighed down by a rock. The weight of both of them tears the chandelier from the ceiling, which plummeted through the floor, crashed through multiple rooms and landed into the castle's munitions supply cellar, taking both Red and Leonard down along.

The final confrontation

Leonard: You have annoyed me for the last time!
Red: Yup!

Leonard making his last stand in the munitions supply cellar

When Red and Leonard come to after their fall in the munitions cellar, filled with mounds of TNT, the latter manages to seize the Egg and boasts that he can cook it into a meal with just one candle taken from the fallen chandelier. Red tries to intervene but is held back by the thought that anger isn't always the best solution for problems, and thus resorts to a clever ruse to take back the Egg. He does this by feigning defeat, causing Leonard to gloat about the success of his schemes while standing in a huge pile of TNT. As he was doing so, Red took advantage of the volatility of the improperly stored munitions and caught Leonard off guard by unexpectedly pulling a crate of TNT from underneath where he was standing.

This sudden movement causes Leonard to fall, dropping both his candle and the egg. The former tumbles onto the fuse of some nearby TNT sticks, igniting them. With little time left before the sticks would explode and touch off the rest of the TNT supply, Red recovers the Egg notices the overturned cauldron above that was about to fall from the great hall and realizes that he could use it as a blast shield. He manages to stand right directly above it as it tumbles through the castle, covering him completely right in the nick of time.

Seconds later, the ignited TNT sticks go off, blowing up the rest of the munitions as expected. The resulting explosion obliterates the castle and much of Pig City, burning several cities and seriously wounding Leonard despite him taking the full brunt of the impact. Mighty Eagle, Chuck, The Birds and several of the Pigs including Ross, the Corporal Pigs, Acrobat Pigs, Construction Pigs, and the country pigs manage to escape the destruction of Pig City.

As the Birds begin accounting for all the Eggs rescued, Greg and Olive Blue discover that their Egg had gone missing and was possibly destroyed. They begin the mourn the presumed loss of their child, with the birds starting to mourn the loss of the martyr Red, but then the Birds discover Red emerging from the wreckage, holding up their now-hatched egg, containing three newborn Hatchlings, Jay, Jake, and Jim and then gives it to their respective parents. The birds finally celebrated their victory over the pigs, and return to their village to rebuild it.


"Come on, Leonard."

"Leonard can't dance. He's hatching a new plan."

Ross and Leonard, The Angry Birds Movie
I Will Survive 01

Leonard after the battle

With their Eggs safe and sound and their adversaries vanquished, the Birds would finally enjoy a time of peace. The statue of the Mighty Eagle was rebuilt to commemorate his heroics in the battle, although Red did have a complaint about how he was represented in it as crying in knees.

During the village's rebuilding, Red discovered that his house had been rebuilt by the birds of Bird Island in honor of his heroism, and he was welcomed to become part of the larger community due to his heroics, which were also commemorated with The Mighty Red Song, sung by the rescued newborn Jay, Jake, Jim, and the other Hatchlings. Chuck and Bomb also offered to live with him, which he obliged to.

In Pig City, the surviving Pigs including Chef Pig, Corporal Pig, Earl, and many other pigs of the great battle danced, with Ross and King Mudbeard dancing as well, despite the king's first thinking of a plan. The pigs went forward with retaliating against the Birds, rebuilding their city and continuing the Great Egg War for years until the eagle Zeta declared war on them both with a destructive superweapon of her own making.

The battle was so memorable that it even inspired Vincent, Samantha, and Zoe to reenact the conflict several years later. Samantha playing as Red and Zoe and Vincent as the pigs.

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