Battling Butlers is the seventeenth episode of the third season of Angry Birds Toons and the ninety-fifth overall. It premiered on March 4, 2016.

Toons.TV Description

Being a good butler requires refined taste and an impeccable sense of etiquette. And then there is King Pig’s butler.


A butler bpig is ironing laundry when there is a knock at the door. He opens the door to find another, younger servant pig. The old servant pig is displeased with the young servant pig's rockstar hairstyle, and dresses him up with a wig and bow tie. They both go out and the old servant pig fills the King Pig's teacup and gives him a cupcake. The King Pig shows that he is pleased and the old servant pig is very happy until the young servant pig arrives with a cart full of cupcakes and other desserts. The King Pig expresses much happiness and knocks the cupcake and tea off the table. The old servant pig almost cries. Mechanical arms on the other servant pig's cart serve the King Pig cake and ice cream. The King Pig is happy and the young servant pig is too. The old servant pig gets mad, but suddenly a storm gathers and it begins to rain. The old servant pig and the King Pig make their way back to the castle. A river of mud starts to flow and the King Pig refuses to walk through it. The old servant pig takes the tablecloth off the table (shattering everything on it in the process) and lays it over the river. He discovers that the King Pig is gone. He is on a helicopter with the young servant pig. The helicopter dives and sends the old servant pig into the river! When he finally gets back to the castle, the old servant pig discovers that the King Pig is bored. He begins to play the violin. This does the trick until the young servant pig turns on a jukebox. The King Pig listens to this instead. Having had enough, the old servant pig continues to play his violin. The young servant pig cranks the jukebox faster, and it starts to overload and throw records everywhere. One breaks the strings of the old servant pig's violin. In rage, he hits the jukebox and it overloads more. The King Pig laughs at this until one hits his crown. Enraged, he shouts at them to shut it off. They try, but it explodes and the castle tilts to the edge. King Pig gets angry at them in the bathroom, but he is soon relaxed. The servants are both made janitors and the video ends with them cleaning the toilet.




  • This episode dates in 2015 with the credits instead of 2016.
  • When it starts to rain, the cake and ice cream are gone.


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