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Beach Volley is the third episode in Angry Birds Rio, and also the first level of Angry Birds Rio to have Bomb. You have to hit the marmosets to complete the level. There are golden beachballs along the way. In level 6-15, during game play, as soon as the first beach ball hits the ground, Luiz will appear and chase it, then pop it for points. As each new ball hits the ground, he will run after it and pop it. If marmosets or crates are in the way of him reaching the ball, he will destroy them, as well.

The end cutscene shows a single panel of Luiz getting the chain off Blu and Jewel, which they are happy with it, as well as the Angry Birds. The other panels show Jewel being captured by Nigel as Blu and the Angry Birds watch in terror and go after him.


Theme 3-30 (Rio)

If you either make a Beach Ball fall on the ground or a part of a structure falls on the ground, Luiz runs out to help you with the entire level. Luiz is a Bulldog.


  • Humans serve as foreground characters.
  • If Bomb explodes or Matilda lays an egg on Luiz, Luiz flies in the air.
  • After battling Nigel, you can continue to use Blu and Jewel on some levels.