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Beak Impact is the 8th episode of Angry Birds Space. It was released on June 5, 2014, for mobile and June 16, 2014, for PC. This episode consists of 40 story levels, 4 Space Egg levels, and 2 Space Feather levels.

This episode contains no Fat Pig and special object that gives you 3000 points when you destroy it. This is the first episode to have more than 30 story levels in Angry Birds Space and the only episode in Angry Birds Space to have two episode parts.

This is the second episode in a row that Atomic Bird appears in 3 levels. These three levels are 8-13, 8-27 and 8-35.

Rovio's Description

"Jump into your spacesuit, strap into your starship, and get ready for take-off – ‘cos we’ve got an interstellar announcement! To celebrate Space Day, is proud to announce the latest Angry Birds Space episode is landing June 5th! Pop that in your escape pod and launch it! The episode is called Beak Impact and it has an extra rocky theme – space rocks that is! And by space rocks, we mean asteroids. NASA will also be along for the ride with some out-of-this-world stuff that’s going to… no, I’m saying too much! You’ll have to wait to find out more! Enjoy an intergalactic Space Day! Why not check your local listings for some cool events in your area? You can also see what asteroids are whizzing past Earth by looking at NASA’s Asteroid and Comet Watch!"[1]


Beak Impact contains two planets. There are 20 levels on each planet. You must start from the first planet to play the first 20 levels. To unlock the second planet, you must three-star all 20 levels on the first planet. You can also unlock them instantly by purchase.


  • The name is based on the name of Deep Impact, a 1998 disaster film involving a meteor colliding with Earth.
  • The gap of release dates between this episode and the previous one is 265 days, making it the longest time gap between release dates in Angry Birds Space.
  • There are several other changes introduced with this update:
  • The Daily Reward was removed.
  • The menu music was changed to an dramatic orchestral version.
  • The frozen pig sprites are updated to now have mouths and no longer have their eyes wide open.
  • This is not true for the fat pig in Cold Cuts.
  • The Weibo link was removed.
  • The level select screen in all episodes before Pig Dipper have updated level icons.
  • Pig Bang's icons now have leaves.
  • Cold Cuts and Fry Me to the Moon's icons are now light blue instead of dark purple.
  • Utopia's icons are now cookies instead of dark pink icons.
  • Red Planet's icons are slightly improved.


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