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Beak Impact 8-20 (Angry Birds Space)
Episode BeakImpact
Level Number 210
Birds Sequence Red bird spaceBlue birdsLazer birdLazer birdFirebomb BirdIce birdBig green birdLazer birdFirebomb BirdLazer bird
Boss(es) Master:
Minor Boss(es) Spaceship Pig x23
3-star Score Template:Threestars
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Beak Impact 8-19 Beak Impact 8-21

Beak Impact 8-20 is the twentieth level in Beak Impact. This is a boss level. To pass this level with 3 stars, you have to defeat the boss and getting 185,000 points.


  • You have ten birds for defeat boss! This is very much.
  • There are 23 pig-liked spacecrafts.
  • You must destroy all spacecrafts in the current wave to meet the next ones and the boss.
  • Getting 3 stars is very hard.


  • Clear all waves of spacecrafts using as least birds as possible.
  • Black hole can destroy spacecrafts. You can push them to the black hole to destroy them. (They aren't destroyed in PC version or if they are rightmost to it.)
  • Use asteroids as later as possible.
  • You should not use more than seven birds to defeat the boss.


Angry Birds Space Beak Impact 8-20 Walkthrough 3 Star

Angry Birds Space Beak Impact 8-20 Walkthrough 3 Star


  • This is the second level which has a black hole. The first with 7-30.
  • This level has the most birds in Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds (series) with 10.
  • This level ask for most target score in Angry Birds Space with 185,000 points.
  • This level breaks the trend to have five birds in a single boss level.

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