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Beak Impact 8-9 (Angry Birds Space)
Episode BeakImpact
Level Number 199
Birds Sequence Red bird spaceLazer birdRed bird space
No. of Pigs Teamster: x2 Teamster: x1
3-star Score 53,000
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Beak Impact 8-8 Beak Impact 8-10

Beak Impact 8-9 is the ninth level in Beak Impact. To pass this level with 3 stars, you have to pop all pigs and getting 100,000 points.

New Things

Burning Asteroid: Like fiery asteroid in Red Planet, but it can trigger another asteroid.


  • Burning asteroids can make this level easier.
  • Three birds may be difficult for some to get three stars.


Send the first Super Red towards the top or the bottom burning asteroid. With luck, it should cause a chain reaction and clear all pigs.


Angry Birds Space Beak Impact 8-9 Walkthrough 3 Star

Angry Birds Space Beak Impact 8-9 Walkthrough 3 Star

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