Template:AngryBirdsToonsInfoboxBearded Ambition is the seventeenth episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2.

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King Pig envies the noble bearded visages of the piggy elders, but narry a single whisker sprouts from his baby smooth face. What's a pig to do?


The King pig and his assistant walk down a long corridor that seems to depict ancient pigs of the past, with statues and portraits hanging on the walls. The king pig is really interested in these statues while his assistant reads something, and notices a beard on one of the statues, looking at it in awe, and becomes disappointed that he doesn't have a beard, only stubble. The king then asks the Chronicler pig if he could use his wig, and uses it as a makeshift beard, but it falls off as the king admires it.

King Pig then goes to the professor for assistance, who comes up with a hair growth invention that works by putting a glowing cream on the face, and this turns out to be successful after he tests it on one of his assistants, and a few strands of hair grew. The king then takes the bowl and rubs it all over his face, and grows a very long beard as a whole crowd of pigs cheer on for his achievement.

The king gets to celebrate his achievement by christening a ship with a bottle filled with some form of liquid, and as the ship starts to sail, the king's beard gets caught in the anchor and his towed into the ocean, but not before he unintentionally destroys the docks. That night, the king goes into the kitchen for a midnight snack and finds a huge cake and takes it back to his room. The beard catches fire from the candle that the King Pig was carrying with him, and his home catches fire without him noticing, until his house burns to a crisp and collapses.

The next morning, the king looks at a statue with hatred, seeing that beards are now dangerous and as a result, the king orders that all beards must be removed, with the Corporal Pig ripping them off the pigs' faces and they walk away with sadness as they paint over every portrait with a beard and chisel off beards from statues.

King Pig then notices that a chiseled statue also has a rear, and the king takes interest in it, but only to be disappointed when he doesn't have the exact same rear. Realizing the king's interest, the minion pig and the Chronicler pig sigh with a feeling of being tired of the king's immediate wants.



  • This is the first episode of 2015 to not include birds.


  • This episode dates in 2014 with the credits instead of 2015 for the fifth time.
  • King Pig gets angry at bearded statue and he hates bearded, the right pig has left eyebrow, it disappears.


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