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Beast is a Halloween Bird in Angry Birds Evolution that could be obtained in the hatchery at A Heavy Metal Halloween Event but now can be obtained at other events.

Icon Loot Egg Basic Common.png Color Red
ABEVolution 1 Star Normal.png Stars 5 (☆☆☆☆☆)
Angry Birds Evolution.png Type Tall
Battle Stats
Super Shot Unknown
Power Name Unknown
Gender Male
Possible Species Desert Cardinal (Cardinalis sinuatus)


He may look devilish but that's because he's actually the devil. Sometimes you CAN judge a book by its cover.

Favorite number: You can probably guess.



Based on The Number of the Beast Beast from Iron Maiden, he is a tall red bird with a wide beak of a strange shape, horns and webbed ears on the sides of the head. The wings have claws, and also a long tail.


He is now showing his tongue that is purple, his eyes glow yellow and has now two fire dragon-wings.

Desintegrate Evolution

He has now spike wings, spikes on his back, his eyes are now black with yellow irises, goat horns, a moustache and there is a pentragam with a light in the forehead.

Mega Ova Evolution

He has now some white parts, his left eye is dark red with a yellow iris, while the right one is normal. His horns are now large, his tail is now only skeleton, he has white spikes on his back. He a spike wing just like his other evolution, wears a black jacket and limen like a mummy.


Flame Nova Rank 1

Throws a skill, dealling 856 damage and knocking the target around. From the target, 9 fireballs are spawned, each dealing 428 damage to enemies hit.

Flame Nova Rank 1 (Evolution)

Throws a skill, dealling 2736 damage and knocking the target around. From the target, 9 fireballs are spawned, each dealing 1368 damage to enemies hit.

Mega Nova Rank 1

Throws a skill, dealling 2860 damage and knocking the target around. From the target and every defeated enemy, 9 fireballs are spawned, each dealing 715 damage.

Desintegrate Rank 1

Calls Forth the wrath of ancient bird gods, 3900 damage and knocking the target around. The target and all other enemies hit by it are shocked for 1 turns.

Leader Skill

Red Flames Rising

Boosts the damage of Supernatural and Red Birds by 30%.

Awaken Skill

Buffs the critical damage of teammates left and right from the bird by 20%

Bird Information


When he is in his first level, it is less than 1000, but he can be evolved to surpass this number.


When he is in his first level, it is less than 1000, but he can be evolved to surpass this number.

Bird Power

When he is in his first level, he gives less than 1100 Bird Power to the team, but he can be evolved and trained to give more.


It costs 300 Red Evolution material to evolve him. It then costs 780 Evolution Material and 25 Red Essense to evolve him to a last evolution.

The income of Red Evolution Material and Coins when selling him varies according to his level.


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