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the character of the game Angry Birds Evolution , which can only be obtained in the framework of the event " heavy metal event ." It is a Special red bird . Belongs to the group of tall birds and supernatural birds.heavy metal event


It is a long red bird with a wide beak of a strange shape, horns and webbed ears on the sides of the head. On wings has claws, and also a long tail.

Description from the game

He is devilishly attractive, but it is not surprising - he is the devil himself! Sometimes appearance still does not deceive.

Favorite number: guess three times.

Additional abilities

  • Super-shots of the first evolution:
    • Fire Star (available after 4 turns): Throws a skull that inflicts 400 damage. damage and repels the target. When hit, creates fireballs (9 pcs.), Which inflict 200 units. Damage to affected enemies.
  • Super-shots  of the second evolution:
    • Megastar (available after 3 turns): Throws a skull that inflicts 3140 points. damage and repels the target. When hit by other enemies, it creates fireballs (9 pcs.) Inflicting 785 damage. damage.
    • Disintegration (available after 3 turns): Summons the wrath of the ancient bird gods, which inflicts 3900 units. damage and repels the target. Stuns the target and enemies in which the target crashes for 1 turn.

Interesting Facts

Judging by his appearance, it can be suggested that this character is a reference to Satan from the cover of the album “ The Number of the Beast ” by the heavy metal band Iron Maiden .

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