A character from the game Angry Birds Evolution, which can only be obtained in the framework of the event heavy metal event. It is a Special red bird. He belongs to the group of Tall Birds and supernatural birds.


He may look devilish but that's because he's actually the devil. Sometimes you CAN judge a book by its cover. Favorite number: You can probably guess.


It is a long red bird with a wide beak of a strange shape, horns and webbed ears on the sides of the head. On wings has claws, and also a long tail.

Additional abilities

  • Super-shots of the first evolution:
    • Flame Nova (available after 4 turns): Throws a skull that inflicts 400 damage. damage and repels the target. When hit, creates fireballs (9 pcs.), Which inflict 200 units. Damage to affected enemies.
  • Super-shots of the second evolution:
    • Mega Nova (available after 3 turns): Throws a skull that inflicts 2600 points. damage and repels the target. When hit by other enemies, it creates fireballs (9 pcs.) Inflicting 650 damage.
    • Desintegrate (available after 3 turns): Summons the wrath of the ancient bird gods, which inflicts 3900 units. damage and repels the target. Stuns the target and enemies in which the target crashes for 1 turn.

Leader Skill

Damage Bonus Red

All red birds in team get +30% attack power.


As his rarity is good, he is very strong. Evolving him with the right evolution will make him stronger. Totems and Runes can also help.


Judging by his appearance, it can be suggested that this character is a reference to Satan from the cover of the album "The Number of the Beast” by the heavy metal band Iron Maiden.


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