A character from Angry Birds Evolution. It is a red bird. It belongs to a group of small birds 

in: Angry Birds Evolution/Birds


It is a red-orange bird of trapezoidal shape with short orange paws and red-orange wings with yellow tassels. It has a magnificent tail, consisting of long yellow-orange feathers. The breast is yellow, triangular. On each side, it has bulging, fluffy, but smoothed feathers. It also has a pair of dark feathers under the eyes. The eyes are large, blue, with large eyelashes, purple eyelids and dark circles around. The beak is small, slightly flat. Eyebrows are thin and brown. As a crest, it has one huge feather, yellow-orange in the center and red-orange - around.

After the first evolution, two raspberry large feathers appear behind her. On the top of her head, there is a piece of silver jewelry on a chain. Her eyes become angrier; lipstick appears on the beak, a red-orange heart appears on the breast, and red spots appear on the sides of it. The tail becomes more magnificent.

After the second evolution of Punk, there are already seven large feathers on top, and they become multi-colored: the first is purple, the second and sixth are red-orange, the third is black, the fourth is green, the fifth is raspberry, and the seventh is pink. The feathers on the sides of the eyes receive black spots, the eyes themselves - black circles around; the lipstick turns black, a torn scarf in a black and red cage appears on the neck, there are two icons on the rope: on one is drawn a pig’s skull on a black background, on the other - a heart on a blue background. The tail becomes even more magnificent.

The second evolution of “Martial Arts” differs from the original appearance only in an angry look, a more magnificent tail, slightly more colorful feathers, a blue dress with gold lace and a white belt, as well as white fabric ornaments in the form of “cones” with long braids.

Description from the game

Bette is low, but she has such big ... problems with multiple personality disorder!

She is the most charismatic lady of Bird Island, and she does not get tired of reminding everyone of this.

Favorite role: Lady McClaw.

Additional abilities

Leader Bonus (“Damage Bonus: Red”): all red birds gain + 30% attack power.

Super Shot (“Red Domination”): A kick that inflicts a divine amount of damage and pushes the enemy. He stumbles upon his own, causing them damage. When killing an enemy, all other pigs take 50% more damage the next turn from red birds.

It can evolve with a change in appearance twice, and the second time the player can choose what kind of appearance the character will have.

Interesting Facts

  • The Martial Arts evolution is a reference to Chun Li, one of the characters in the Street Fighter series of games.


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