ABMovie Spining Billy
Abilities Unknown
First Appearance The Angry Birds Movie
Gender Unknown
Species Mechanical Bird
Locations None
Strength Unknown
Size Medium

   Billy is a mechanical bird/dummy who rocks and makes annoying sounds and movements. In the trailers, Red despises Billy because of his annoying sounds and movement, as he cringes in anger and makes his fingers into a fist, meaning that he's going to destroy Billy. He tries to keep his temper by taking a deep breath, and it works. Red tries to ignore him until Billy hits him on the head. Red keeps his temper and walks away, but lets it out, tackles him, spins him around, throws him across Matilda's Anger Management house, puts him back into his proper place, and blames it on Billy that he started it.

Later, during a session of Anger Management, Chuck enters the school sadly, mourning the "loss" of his creation. Bomb, Matilda, and Terence then shed tears on the destruction of Billy, pondering about who did it when Red starts to anxiously fidget over his wrong-doing, alerting the others that Red was indeed guilty, so they angrily exclude him from their "ceremony" of grief honoring the beloved Billy.

Though not major, Billy was seized along with the eggs as the Pigs pulled their heist in the night of Bird Island, with him being absent for the remainder of the film until Movie Magic is used on Angry Birds Action!, revealing that Chuck ran across the ocean (because of his speed) and through the destruction of the Pig City to retrieve Billy from the flames and brings him back to Bird Island only to annoy Red with his "laugh".



Billy is a bird sign with white eyes, orange beak, green leaves, a coconut head, two yellow wings, and green feet. His body is rounded with a sign saying "Be Happy", "Smile", "Welcome Angry birds", and "Today!"


  • The sound effects of Billy were provided by Catherine Winder, the producer of the film.
  • Chuck made Billy, as Chuck was "mourning the loss of his creation".

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