During the creation of a Bird-Pig alliance, a special forces team was assembled for the initial purpose of defending both Bird Island and Piggy Island against the impending threat of Zeta, a rogue eagle from Eagle Island who wishes to use a powerful weapon to raze both islands to establish a larger resort for herself. This team was specifically commissioned to stage a raid of Eagle Island to destroy the weapon.


After Red and Leonard agreed to create an alliance to stop Zeta from destroying their homelands the night after the Battle of Overseas Pranks at the former's house, the two traveled across the island with Courtney to begin putting together a special team that would accomplish the job. Red considers his friends, Bomb (the Explosives Expert), Chuck (the Speed Demon) and Mighty Eagle (the Fearless Warrior), to be the best Birds for the mission, but Chuck then suggests that they may need one more ally, his sister Silver (the Brainiac), whom they meet at Avian Academy.


The Special Forces team after evading Zeta's attack on Mighty Eagle's cave, prior to meeting Garry.

The team then gathered at Mighty Eagle's cave, but before they could come up with a detailed plan of attack, Zeta shoots the cave with her weapon, demolishing it and prompting the team to escape through an emergency exit that's only designed for Mighty Eagle. They manage to evade the deadly missile themselves, but a moment of inattention causes Mighty Eagle to crash into another mountain, sending the other special forces members falling. Red uses the map of Eagle Island to form a giant parachute for others to grab, but it proved unreliable. Silver then intervened by patching the hole that tore through it, allowing the team to land safely.

With no time left to lose, the special forces team began their assault on Eagle Island, starting off by boarding Leonard's Pig Submarine to travel there undetected. Aboard this ship, they meet Garry and the various inventions he prepared for the team's mission. Upon arriving on the island, they snuck onto Zeta's base, as she was making preparations to have her superweapon unleash a barrage of lava-ice balls that were meant to completely render Bird Island and Piggy Island unrecognizable so that she could expand her resort. A battle ensued as the special forces fought to destroy the weapon successfully, ending with Zeta regretting her actions and agreeing to finally marry her lover, Mighty Eagle, who spurned her years ago.

The special forces were well-commended for their heroic actions as Leonard used drones to sculpt the faces of the special forces on what remained of Mighty Eagle's cave, while Red gave special honors to Silver for finding the key to victory.[1]


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