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For the application set amongst them, see Angry Birds (game).
 For some information on the birds from Space, see Space Flock.
 For the main group of the birds, see The Flock.
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Birds are one of the main species that appear in the Angry Birds franchise. They come in varieties of different species, colors, and sizes. They are a breed of several different birds that can be either anthropomorphic or round in appearance, depending on the continuity. Most birds live on planet Earth, though, in the past, they also lived in another galaxy.



Various birds in the Toons style, for a 14th anniversary post in 2023.


Main article: Bird anatomy (The Angry Birds Movie)

In most installments of the franchise, birds have round or oval-shaped bodies (with some exceptions like Chuck, Ice Bird, Poppy, Dahlia, and Silver), large eyes and beaks, crest feathers, tail feathers, and no limbs. Most birds are born as hatchlings with large eyes, smaller beaks, and a rounded body. However, as they grow, birds can develop unique body shapes. In the movies, Angry Birds Dream Blast, Angry Birds Journey, Angry Birds Summer Madness and related media, the birds have wings and legs yet are flightless, except for the eagles.

Characteristics and culture

According to Col. Angus, these "Angry Birds" are very special types of birds, in the sense that they can easily get very aggressive. The birds were originally not intended to represent any existing bird species[2][3]. In the Angry Birds Rio Trailer, it is shown by Nigel that the birds are an "exceptionally rare species." However this would be retconed later in the franchise's run, as "species" would later be assigned to the characters.[4][5]

Like humans, birds are a highly intelligent species, possessing the sentience and knowledge to save the day. They often form friendships and sometimes have arguments, and to a degree have some anthropomorphism. Most birds tend to wear no clothing, though others like Willow and Ruby's former design have hats or head accessories. They also have an affinity for animals and nature, but strongly dislike the pigs.

In older installments of the franchise, they appear to lack the ability to construct houses, unlike the Bad Piggies who have built houses and structures like Pig City in the Piggy kingdom. Instead, they often live in nests or simply sleep in the outdoors. In the movies, they live in simple, often egg-shaped houses made of wood, stone, and straw, such as the village houses on Bird Island.

Known birds

Assortment-all-bunch small 1

From left bottom: Jay, Red, Hal, Matilda, Bomb, and Chuck

Since the series' conception, there are twenty known different subspecies of birds, some based on birds in the real world, other fictional ones exclusive to the franchise, like the ones in Space, or based on a real-world celebrity from other apps.

Below is a list of all the birds that were included in the series. In the series' initial run, the earlier birds were not intended to represent any real-world species and are simply generic cartoon birds with various colors.[6][7]

Introduced in Angry Birds

Introduced in Angry Birds Seasons

Introduced in Angry Birds Rio

Introduced in Angry Birds Space

Introduced in Angry Birds Stella

  • Poppy (Lutino Cockatiel)
  • Luca  (California Scrub Jay)
  • Willow  (Western Crowned Pigeon)
  • Dahlia  (Long-eared Owl)
  • Gale  (Violet-backed Starling)

Introduced in Angry Birds 2

Introduced in The Angry Birds Movie

Introduced in The Angry Birds Movie 2

Main article: Eagles

Introduced in Angry Birds: Summer Madness


Other Birds

Birds from Other Apps

Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Heikki

Angry Birds Tazos

Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Star Wars II

Bird Side
Pork Side

Angry Birds Go!

ABGO KartsPic

The playable characters in Angry Birds Go!.


Special powers

In most games, if the screen is touched or clicked while a bird is moving, it will activate a special power or an unusual noise. This is unavailable if the bird has become a corpse except for Bomb, Bubbles, their Space versions, Stella, the Space Egg, and Ice Bird, but Blu and Samba Bird use their powers as soon as they hit an object. Mighty Creatures can be bought and once their item is launched they fly after it attacking the level.

Special Powers from the Original App

These birds are the Flock and the Mighty Eagle, their friend and ally, and they all have appeared in the first three apps (the Original, Seasons, and Rio) and most have appeared (in a new form) in Angry Birds Space (except Matilda, Hal, and Mighty Eagle) and in Angry Birds online games like Angry Birds Friends.

  • Red - Squawks when you tap or click the screen, and make a wave to push thing out. In Red's Mighty Feathers, he has an ability to launch himself at a direct aimed point in the level.
  • Jay, Jake, and Jim - Multiplies into 3, and each clone is bumped slightly up or down. (Strong against glass but weak against other blocks).
  • Chuck - Gains more speed (it always goes at the same certain speed, no matter what speed it was moving at before) and makes a more of a high pitched sound than before. (Strong against wood but weak against glass)
  • Bomb- Able to explode in mid-air or on impact. (Great at breaking stone)
  • Matilda - Drops an egg which then explodes. The bird herself becomes deflated and is propelled fast upwards and to the right. The body still collides and can be used as a powerful Red.
  • Hal - On air, opens his beak and flies in the opposite direction, maintaining the same speed and vertical direction. Underwater, turns into a corpse. He also flies higher than all the other birds when fired.
  • Terence - Stronger than common birds, but no real power. (Great at breaking all blocks)
  • Bubbles - Expands to a huge size, like a balloon, propelling all blocks away while in a tight space in either mid-air or on impact. After impact, it deflates.
  • Mighty Eagle - Smashing everything and causes an earthquake, eliminating any pig on the level. (Summoned using Sardines.)
  • Stella - Has the ability to blow bubbles and piggies, blocks, and other obstacles in the radius of the bubble will fly in the air in multiple pink, blue, or green bubbles. Once the bubbles are popped, everything will fall down causing massive damage to both the pigs and the fortresses.

Special Powers from Other Apps

From Angry Birds Seasons

From AB Rio

  • Blu & Jewel chained together - When tapped or clicked, Jewel flies straight dragging Blu along.
  • Blu freed and solo - Once he hits an object, he'll shake himself up causing the spreading of objects.
  • Samba Bird - Once he hits an object, he'll start dancing causing objects to fly in different directions.

From AB Space

  • Ice Bird - Ice Bird freezes an area on impact. Ice Bird explodes a couple of seconds after impact with any piece of structure and covers the surrounding blocks and pigs with ice making them brittle and easier to break. If the screen is not tapped, Ice Bird will hesitate for a few seconds, still turning surfaces it touches into ice; making the Ice Bird a technical variation of Bomb.
  • Super Red - Similar to Red, but if near a pig in a gravitational force and if the screen is tapped, the pig(s) will get scared. He still makes a noise when this happens.
  • Lightning Birds - Same as the Blues.
  • Lazer Bird - Similar to Chuck, but tapping now chooses a directional target. Lazer Bird will turn at a sharp angle and accelerate toward the target tap, ignoring gravity and air vents until hitting something or running out of speed.
  • Space Bomb - Same as Bomb, with slightly higher knockback.
  • The Incredible Terence - Same as Terence.
  • Atomic Bird - Same as Bubbles, except, the deflated Bubbles no longer does damage and floats in gravity fields instead of falling.
  • Space Egg - The space egg can create a small but very powerful black hole that appears on screen for a short time. It can be used kind of like a magnet to pull things around.
  • Space Eagles - Similar power as the Mighty Eagle, but Space Eagles will only do some damage to the level, but there are no time restrictions on use, and you can use several per level since they travel in Flocks. They fly out of a vortex. (Summoned using Sardines.)

From Angry Birds Star Wars

  • Luke Skywalker - At first no power. After level 1–9, he slices with a blue lightsaber. After completing the Path of the Jedi, he slices with a green lightsaber which causes even more damage.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi - Pushes things away with the force in the direction where you tapped. After a Death Star level, he uses force stronger and pushes things upward where the player taps.
  • Han Solo - Shoots three lasers in the direction the player taps.
  • Blue Squadron - Same ability to split into three like the Blue Birds.
  • Chewbacca - Same as Big Brother Bird, but causes the screen to shake.
  • R2-D2 - Electrocutes nearby pigs.
  • C-3PO - Breaks into 5 pieces.
  • Princess Leia - Pulls objects toward her in the direction the player taps.
  • Mighty Falcon - Passes by, shooting large orange laser shots that will destroy anything they touch. (Summoned using an egg-shaped device with an antenna on top of it.)

From Angry Birds Friends

From AB Cheetos

  • Cheetos - Like Bomb, if it hits a structure, it simply blows up, causing a small amount of damage. If the screen is clicked when it is in mid-air, it blows up, but this time it releases four explosive Cheetos.

From Angry Birds Heikki

From Angry Birds Tazos

From AB Philadelphia Eagles

  • Mighty Philadelphia Eagle - Same as Mighty Eagle, but after a few seconds after it hits the ground the game goes in slow motion for a few seconds and flashes, then back to normal. (Summoned using football.)

From Angry Birds Stella

  • Stella - Ricochets into structures the player aims at.
  • Poppy - Spins and drills down like a drill in the shape of a tornado after the player locates the precise location.
  • Luca - Does a loud yell and shatters glass to where the player aims at.
  • Willow - Does an arc in mid-air when the screen is held, then spins through that direction upon release.
  • Dahlia - Phases through solid objects and spins after reaching the target the player stops holding the screen at.
  • Gale - Paints a selected area with golden flower dust and swipes through it.

From Angry Birds 2

  • Red - When you tap the screen, his battle cry will release an aura of his anger.
  • Silver - Does a 360-degree loop and goes down. if she comes in contact with a stone block, she creates an earthquake.
  • Hal - Retains his power of going backwards, however he does not open his beak and come back like a boomerang. His power still activates even when he turns into a corpse. At the right angle and timing, he can destroy a significant amound of objects with ease.
  • Leonard (Pig but considered bird in-game) - Can shoot 3 snot bombs but is very fragile and instantly pops upon contact with anything.
  • Melody - Inhales objects inside her mouth while she is singing, then spits them out.

From Angry Birds Reloaded

  • Harvey & Courtney - Courtney can escape the Harvey suit similarly to Matilda's power of laying an egg bomb except Courtney doesn't explode and instead stays on the floor.
  • Garry - Can launch two coffee cups vertically similarly to The Blues' power of splitting into three.
  • Silver - Keeps her ability from Angry Birds 2, but has a new design that's based on her design from The Angry Birds Movie 2. She is stronger on wood than on stone in this game.
  • Leonard - Keeps his ability from Angry Birds 2, but doesn't pop upon contact with anything.



Toy Care Cards


In-game tutorials





  • An artist named Sam Spratt painted realistic pictures of the birds[8].
  • The birds seem to be kind to other species (Except for piggies when they steal eggs) because they save and help animals in the games and cartoons like tigers, elephants, dolphins, & more.


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