In The Angry Birds Movie, the Bird Village contains a special court where civil and legal conflicts can be resolved.
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The Court is a circular structure with wooden walls designed to make it look like a giant bird nest of some kind. Entry to the Court is controlled by two large gates constructed out of what appears to be bamboo. Attendants sit in wooden benches that are arranged in amphitheater-style seating, and there is a podium at the stage tall enough for Judge Peckinpah to stand behind so that any hint of Cyrus, which he stands on to appear tall, is not noticed so as to embarrass Peckinpah.

Other functions

In some marketing material for the film, Bird Court is shown to be able to be converted into a movie theater, given its large amphitheater-like space.[1][2] It's also meant to have Nap Times and Worm Races.




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