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Bird Food is the fourth episode of the Angry Birds on The Run series of the second season. It premiered on July 4, 2020.


It's dinner time! Or it would be if Red and Matilda had any food. Guess they'll have to settle for anything resembling food.


That afternoon, in the woods, we see Red and Matilda talking about eating just one acorn for dinner, but that is stopped by "Jeffrey", who swipes it. Red hopes that Bomb has found food, then we see him (pretending to) look famished, and eventually going belly-up out of starvation. Stella is right next to him, and tells him to get up, as they find a diner, "Bozo's Buffeteria". Bomb & Stella go inside, and eat pretty much everything—spaghetti, pasta, soup, pudding, pizza, et cetera. Cut to the forest, with Red trying to jump high to get some wildberries for him and Matilda, but fails to get high enough. Cut back to the diner, with Bomb and Stella eating an 8-slice pizza, in video game-like formation and techniques. Cut back to the forest, again, with Red and Matilda drinking some dirty water from a puddle (with Red saying he swallowed a slug). Cut back to the diner, again, with Bomb riding on the surface of a pizza, Flappy Bird style. Cut back to the forest, yet again, with Red and Matilda eating some stuff off of a plastic fork. Cut back to the diner, yet again, where Bomb & Stella are having one heck of an experience eating more food. Cut back to the forest, once more, and here, Red and Matilda are now eating some bitter ivy leaves. Cut back to the diner, once more, with the two birds eating even MORE pizza. Finally, we see Bomb and Stella bloated, having eaten more food than ever before. They look nervous when the waiter delivers them the bill. Cut back to the forest one last time, where they look at an acorn they can't reach. Matilda calms down Red, saying they've still got each other, but it turns out she's talking to the squirrel who stole their dinner. Red wishes Matilda goodnight.



  • The title of this video was originally "Angry Birds On The Run Bird Food - Ep4 S2".



Angry Birds On The Run S2 - Bird Food - Ep4

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