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Bird Island is the original home of The Flock. It is also the environment that they live in and is the main location. The exact location of Bird Island is a mystery, like Piggy Island, but it's confirmed to be on Earth. It first appeared in The Angry Birds Movie.



Bird Island as seen in The Angry Birds Movie

A long time before the events of The Angry Birds Movie, the first birds settled here. Over time, they grew and the island became more populated. The island was then civilized, with things like a daycare, a court, and other areas. On the highest point in the island, the legendary Mighty Eagle lives in his cave.

A pig named Leonard discovered the island, disembarking from The Porkchop Express, a naval vessel. She also held many other pigs. Eventually, three residents of the island, Red, Chuck, and Bomb grew suspicious on them and met with Mighty Eagle. The last day of the conflict marked the beginning of the Great Egg War. On the last day of their visit, the pigs threw a huge dance party and introduced the slingshot. Meanwhile, the other pigs began stealing the birds' offspring, in order to eat them. Various ground vehicles were driven on the island with TNT scattered across the land, and the Mighty Eagle Statue was destroyed. The eggs were stolen, then brought to Piggy Island. Eventually, dozens of birds then ventured to Piggy Island then fought in a violent battle, and retrieving most of their eggs. However, the pigs had more plans to steal the eggs. Currently, 12 birds reside at Piggy Island, fighting to get their eggs back.

Overall appearance


Bird Island in Angry Birds Action!

Unlike Piggy Island, Bird Island is a smaller, more natural island. Much of it is filled with dense plant life. Most of its namesake inhabitants live in a large village situated at its edge, where a beach is also nearby. There are also other birds who live in remote areas of the island (such as Edward, Eva and Timothy).

Birds are not the only animals living on this island, as it has been shown to be home to spiders, snakes,squirrels, fish[1] and cows[2] as well. There are several mountains and rock formations at the center of the island, which are so difficult to traverse that it would take days to reach the tallest one.[1] A large, eagle-shaped formation contains the ancient cave of the Mighty Eagle, overlooking the Lake of Wisdom.


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  • Bird Island and Piggy Island are close to each other as both the birds and the pigs were able to sail for a short period of time to Piggy Island.
  • Unlike Golden Island and Piggy Island, this island has no monarch to rule it. It does, however, have a form of government. The head of state is unknown.


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