For information on the main setting in Angry Birds Movie, see Bird Island.
Bird Island (episode)
Angry Birds Bird Island
Episode number Bonus (No number)
Levels 21
New features Mighty League Ticket (item) (Former)

Shockwave Bomb (item)

Spinning Billy

Released November 10, 2016
Game(s) Ab icon
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Bird Island is an episode of Angry Birds. It is based on The Angry Birds Movie. It has 21 levels, and mighty league tickets are hidden all over. Finishing the episode will reward you a sand sculpture of the Mighty Eagle.That's just a special episode,it doens't count on the history.

The episode launched on November 10, but you had to wait till November 17 to play the levels

Collecting all stickers from the levels will award you a special sticker for Mighty League.(The tickets are now shockwaves after recent updates,since tickets are not used on Mighty League anymore.

Billy reappears on the first level along with Matilda's Dojo.

This episode doesn't have cutscenes.


  • Leonard appears on the last level
  • There's a hidden Golden Egg on the Mighty League Stickers Book.


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