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The beach prior to the last battle of the Great Egg War

Bird Island is known to have a large beach.


This unidentified beach is spacious enough for recreational activity, while also serving as a natural port of entry to the island. Behind this beach lies one terminus of Main Street, as well as the Mighty Eagle Statue. At a far-off corner of the beach lies Red's house, before it was relocated deeper into the village not long after the Great Egg War began. It is unknown if it is the only beach on the island.

During the Great Egg War, a transit slingshot was constructed at the beach to allow anyone to quickly leap back into the village. This would be the terminus of the Blue Line slingshot route, which can be taken out of service and used as a battle turret if the threat of Pigs is nearby.


This beach was a calm and peaceful part of the island, suitable for recreation, but saw its share of turmoil in the days leading up to the arrival of the Pigs. Red, the region's only known inhabitant, sought to live here apart from the village and went to great lengths to carve out his peaceful, private life, even if it meant kicking a young bird who was bothering him with his desire to play soccer into the water nearby.

While Red was serving his sentence for getting too angry, the Pigs arrived at the island aboard their capital ship, The Porkchop Express, landing at the beach as a port of entry. Their arrival drew the attention of the entire flock, but Red is devastated to see the Express dropping her anchor right upon his house, smashing a good chunk out of it. The Pigs then established the first contact with the birds at the beach, before engaging in festivities celebrating their welcome and arrival deeper in the mainland.

During these festivities, when the Slingshot was demonstrated, Red was hurled onto the beach, where he discovered an opportunity to investigate the Express, calling his friends Chuck and Bomb to join him, and the three together discovered suspicious things aboard her. The Pigs also began setting up umbrella ziplines at the beach in preparation for their grand scheme to steal the Birds' eggs and made good on their plans not long after. Red and Bomb's attempts to stop the Pigs as they escaped with the eggs ended in vain, as the Pigs catapulted the Mighty Eagle statue right onto them, almost hitting them.

The day after the raid, the flock congregated on the beach where the pigs departed to reflect on the Pigs' evil deed and come up with a plan for a counterattack, then initiated it by launching a makeshift raft made out of TNT crates to reach Piggy Island.

After the battle, Red's house, which was once on the shorelines, was relocated deeper into the village. As the Great Egg War continued, the village expanded and a slingshot transit network was established to provide rapid access to every area, with one of such transit slingshots installed at the beach to provide a quick exit back into further parts of the village. Red, Chuck, and Bomb would dutifully patrol this beach during this time, watching for any attacks from the Pigs. There, they later engaged the Pigs in what would be their final battle against them, putting the transit slingshot out of service and using it as a turret to counter the Pigs' long-distance prank attacks coming straight from their own shorelines.

After the battle ended in an emergency truce, Leonard traveled to Bird Island and began assembling a Bird-Pig strike team to confront Zeta and her superweapon. After the team was completed and a plan of attack was put together, he led the squad back to the beach and called up his submarine to begin the mission, which would take them to Eagle Island to disable the weapon. After the mission's success, the strike team returned with a reconciled Zeta and her eagles and held a wedding on the beach between Mighty Eagle and Zeta, with many Birds and Pigs in attendance.

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