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Bird Village (or Bird Town) is a village (town in Angry Birds Evolution) seen in the Angry Birds series.


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Many of the village's major landmarks, which are naturally crafted and constructed from plant-based materials (such as wood and straw), are linked by a major, arterial footpath. Various public services are offered at the village, which is bustling with activity on any given, typical day.

However, the Birds did not continue their simple, primitive way of life indefinitely. Years after the Battle of Pig City, the village's inhabitants have adopted modern technology. The village also expanded by that time and also utilized slingshots to form a rapid transit system that quickly propels Birds from one place to another.

In Angry Birds Evolution, Bird Village is called Bird Town and has a more modern building design, with buildings and roofed houses, even having internet, light and electricity poles.


The infrastructure of Bird Village is much more organized and modern than Pig City. All houses have a foundation and are not built on towers or stacked on top of each other. The only other settlement with advanced technology is Eagle Island.

Points of interest[]


Most landmarks at Bird Village in The Angry Birds Movie are accessed by a main, arterial footpath that is long and somewhat elbow-shaped. This street, being a busy and important one, is known for strict traffic and safety control that some have attempted to circumvent.

Main Street was once the only wellspring of traffic for travel throughout Bird Village. In the second movie, however, the village modernized and expanded, and the use of Main Street was superseded by the invention of the slingshot transit system to help Birds get to various places faster. However, the street can be accessed through at least one perch station.

Crossing guards, such as Monica, are stationed throughout the street to control foot traffic and allow anyone to cross the street at given times, making it impossible for anyone traveling the length of the street to advance through it unhindered. Some have indeed resented this strict traffic control system, including Chuck and some unruly Pigs, and have defied them by speeding through it without regard for the safety of others, whether on foot or on motor vehicles, the latter which has been alien to birds. Officer Bill Beakins attempts to apprehend and punish those who flout traffic control, although he only succeeds in catching Chuck, who was then sentenced to the Infinity Acceptance Center for his unruly behavior.

Behind the scenes[]

"Bird Island's Main Street is a small triumph where we made this layout that ends up being basically a long elbow shape. We filmed almost all the Bird Island scenes on this one location, but you can't really tell that it's not that big."
Clay Katis (director), The Art of The Angry Birds Movie
During the design of Bird Village, the film's production team decided to have all of its major landmarks linked by a single, main street to keep things simple.

In The Angry Birds Movie, denizens of Bird Village can enjoy worms served from the Early Bird's own shop. It is based on the phrase "The early bird gets the worm".

The shop is also adjoined by a smaller, more run-down worm shop called "Late-Riser Worms", which closes often due to an inability to find sufficient worms, the owner of it also likes to sleep a lot on his shop.

This shop seems to accept the currency for worms, as some birds are seen with wallets and handbags.


At the Early Bird Worms Shop, worms are stored in wooden crates at the ground floor, where the Early Bird stands to serve them to birds waiting in line for food. Birds may also take the worms upstairs to a café-like space to dine on them, where wooden chairs and tables are conveniently provided.


"There's a new happiness the Museum of Happiness...that I'm dying to see!"
Chuck, The Angry Birds Movie

In The Angry Birds Movie, the Bird Village is known to have a Museum of Happiness.


The Museum of Happiness first appears after Matilda suspends classes at the [Infinity Acceptance Center when Bomb accidentally damages it due to his unstable abilities. Chuck has expressed interest in going to the Museum with Bomb and Red to pass the time with classes being unable to continue for the time being.

It can be speculated that the museum was constructed to tell of the birds' happy and carefree lives, prior to the Great Egg War.


Red approaching the Infinity Acceptance Center.

First appearing in The Angry Birds Movie, The Infinity Acceptance Center is a facility located at the edge of Bird Village where delinquent and misbehaving Birds are sentenced to have themselves straightened out. Matilda is the head honcho of the center.


Birds who are punished by Judge Peckinpah are sentenced to attend the center, where they attend remediation classes with other similarly convicted Birds under the direction of its headteacher, Matilda. As she is a spiritually-minded bird, Matilda teaches delinquent birds to conduct meditative and seemingly spiritual exercises in order to correct their behavior, with little success.

The center is constructed to withstand the destructive blast of Bomb but would require repairs whe

Matilda, Red, Terence, Chuck, Bomb inside the center.

never that happens in order for classes to continue safely. It is not known how often classes are disrupted this way, due to Matilda's awareness of the problem.


Matilda is the only known teacher of the center and is perhaps its chief one. Hal and Bubbles are also known to be musicians at the center, playing percussion and horns, respectively.


In The Angry Birds Movie, Bird Village is known to have a daycare center where the Eggs of expectant mothers are left

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for safekeeping throughout the day. It functions differently than a human daycare center in that it services yet-to-be-born Birds, rather than Hatchlings, the bird equivalent of infants and pre-school children.


The daycare served its intended purpose, until the Pigs raided the village, stealing all the eggs. However, it is not certain whether there were really any eggs at the daycare since the raid happened at night and daycare centers typically do not operate around that time. Nevertheless, the Daycare was damaged during the attack and therefore rendered unusable until the Birds launched a successful counter-assault on the Pigs, then proceeded to repair the village.


In The Angry Birds Movie, the Bird Village is known to have a fertility clinic called Birds & Bees. Named after an


The clinic in the background.

alternate, child-level phrase for reproduction, this egg-shaped clinic specializes in encouraging bird reproduction for families who are lacking in it.

In The Angry Birds Movie, the Hug Trader offers hugs from his own stand somewhere in Bird Village.


The stand in the left of the background.


The Hug Trader offers his first hug for free and probably all the others too. In the Angry Birds Comics Quarterly, Vol 2, the customers had to give small red berry for Terence so that he can hug them.[1]


Nothing much is known about how often the Hug Trader's service is enjoyed, but it seems that only a few birds enjoy them if a glance at his stand while Red was traveling to the Infinity Acceptance Center was any indication. Even pigs such as Ross do not enjoy being hugged,[2] and the Hug Trader at one point admitted that at times, his business is floundering because no one wants to hug him.[1]

However, following the birds' victory over the pigs, Stella, Gale, Willow, Dahlia, and Poppy enjoyed hugging him.

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In The Angry Birds Movie, there is a Birds of a Feather Salon at Bird Village where Birds can be groomed to look more beautiful. Poppy is known to work at the Salon.

Feather extensions can be made at it.

In The Angry Birds Movie, the Bird Village contains a special court where civil and legal conflicts can be resolved.

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The Court is a circular structure with wooden walls designed to make it look like a giant birds nest of some kind. Entry to the Court is controlled by two large gates constructed out of what appears to be bamboo. Attendants sit in wooden benches that are arranged in amphitheater-style seating, and there is a podium at the stage tall enough for Judge Peckinpah to stand behind so that any hint of Cyrus, which he stands on to appear tall, is not noticed so as to embarrass Peckinpah.

Other functions[]

In some marketing material for the film, Bird Court is shown to be able to be converted into a movie theater, given its large amphitheater-like space.[3][4] It's also meant to have Nap Times and Worm Races.



''A statue is a great gesture, but it doesn't actually do much'' - Mighty Eagle

In The Angry Birds Movie, there is a stone statue of Mighty Eagle between Bird Village and a beachhead. The statue is located in a garden of flowers on Bird Island. It bravely depicts the Mighty Eagle standing on two rocks, with his head looking up and his arm stretched, his hand pointing to the sky. It is one of two known statues commemorating Mighty Eagle's bravery; this is not the only thing to honor Mighty Eagle, a composition was dedicated to him, which is named Mighty Eagle.


The statue was constructed several years prior to the events of The Angry Birds Movie to commemorate Mighty Eagle's appearance and heroic deeds. Young birds in school would be taken to the statue and told about his legend.


On the night the pigs raided the Bird Village and stole their Eggs from their houses and the Daycare, the statue was catapulted off its foundation via a flame arrow shot by a crossbow hitting a TNT and was launched by a blast, which almost crushed Red and Bomb after they tried to stop the pigs from escaping with the eggs, making them swim back to the shores before it fell onto them. The statue was then half-underwater, with the statue's finger-pointing in the direction where the pigs fleed (Piggy Island), representing a message from the legendary hero.

Reconstruction and rededication[]

After the Birds took back their eggs and demolished Pig City in a battle, the statue was restored and rededicated, but it was altered to show his latest accomplishment, retrieving most of the eggs in a net. The statue also depicted multiple birds looking in awe and Red being moved to tears. It was given a description on its base: "HONORING MIGHTY EAGLE FOR SAVING THE EGGS". It is located in the same area as the original statue. While the original depicts Mighty Eagle on a dome-like pedestal. It also exaggerates Mighty Eagle's Size.

It's unknown why it was rebuilt even though the Statue was till intact.



  • A theory states that statue might have been made by a woodpecker (the same woodpecker (John) that carved an illustration in the Bird Court during the Happy Hatchday scandal).
  • The pose that the Mighty Eagle is making on the statue is probably a reference to John Travolta's disco pose.


There are other buildings and locations in the village whose precise location is not known.

  • Police station: Bird Village's small police force is stationed here. Officer Bill Beakins is the only known member shown on-screen. Appears in a flashback when Matilda reads off accounts of Chuck's misbehavior.
  • Cafe: A casual dining place for birds, where coconut juice is a staple beverage. First appears in a flashback from accounts of Chuck's misbehavior.
  • Doctor's Office: The office of Dr. Wingstein. Appears during a scene where the said bird tests Red's reflexes and is unexpectedly knocked out by them.
  • School: The village is known to have a school for young birds to learn about the world around them. Appears in a flashback montage of Red's early life.
  • Mall: The village is known to have a mall for shopping, Angry Santa formerly worked there before he start gulping thousands of bacon juice cans and turned into a monster. Is mentioned in Angry Santa's bio on Angry Birds Evolution.


Red's house

Red's house.

Red's house is Red's own home that first appeared in The Angry Birds Movie.


The Angry Birds Movie Red's House

Red's house as seen in the movie

Red's house is unlike the houses of other Birds, which are usually constructed out of straw and plant-based material. It is constructed out of sturdy stone and is studded with large wooden spines. The house is two stories tall.

Old Structure[]

The first room has a wooden table with a wooden log as a chair near a little tree and a big tree, there are a bunch of Mighty Eagle Posters on the wall, on the floor, there is a stalk round carpet near a pool with a leaf chair near it. On the wooden table, there are candles that lit and illuminates the place, there is a drawer that contains a Mighty Eagle comic book, an opener, a wooden pencil, and a spoon. Near the sofa, there are broken jars with grass and next to it, there's a small tree. Apparently, on the top story, there is a straw bed with bamboo as a headboard with a pillow. Near the bed, there are trees just like the ones near the armchair and a tree log to hold cups and candles. It seems that it was a living room with modern TV, a microwave, an armchair, and paintings with Red and his parents on it.


After five years of construction, Red's house was originally situated at the edge of Bird Island's beach, intended to be a peaceful abode where he could live in private, although he did have qualms about living alone and far apart from Bird Village while he was sentenced to anger management class at the Infinity Acceptance Center.

The house was damaged after The Porkchop Express dropped its anchor onto it when the Pigs arrived, then, after a time, other pigs arrived on another ship and bumped into the Porkchop Express, damaging the house even more. After the Battle of Pig City, the Birds relocated and rebuilt it directly in the village, much to Red's surprise. Chuck and Bomb offered to be his housemates, which Red came to accept.[2]

At some point prior to the end of the Great Egg War, Chuck and Bomb were no longer full-time housemates and continued to live at their old homes, with the latter being grounded by his mother and placed under house arrest due to his supposed inability to control his explosive abilities, even after being able to use it voluntarily in the Battle of Pig City. After the war ended with Leonard, the ruler of the Pigs, discovering a new threat from Zeta and her rogue eagles, Leonard then came to Red's house personally with his elite SQUEAL Team Six to explain the situation and propose the formation of a Bird-Pig alliance. Upon being subdued by Red, Leonard summons SQUEAL Team Six to appear and deliver photo proof of their new enemy, inflicting interior damage to the house in doing so.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

"While all the other birds live in soft nest-like huts, Red's hut is made of hardened mud stucco. This seemed to be a nice correlation to his thick-skinned personality. If Red was an animal other than a bird, he'd be a porcupine. His garden is full of cacti and a giant spiky palm tree grows right next to his front door as if to say, 'Stay Out!'"
Pete Oswald (production designer), The Art of The Angry Birds Movie
Red's house was designed to be different than other birds to reflect his initial, self-centered personality and reluctance to get along with others at the start of The Angry Birds Movie.


The Angry Birds Movie Bomb's Shelter
Bomb's shelter is the house of Bomb and Momb, it was made to be resistible to explosions (Kind of).


It's a round hut made with planks with round windows, round door and leaves as roof and curtains, there are also some wood the are around the house that make it look like a barrel.

Its interior is unknown but has a bathroom, as Bomb was taking a shower.

Behind the scenes[]

The film's concept art, as seen in The Art of The Angry Birds Movie, the The Angry Birds Movie official guidebook and a few other tie-in books, suggests that the following services and places were going to be in the village, but never made the final cut:

  • Bird bath fountain: A fountain where birds would bathe, either to clean themselves or to play in the water. A similar facility, functioning more like a swimming pool, appeared in the third short story of the comic book collection Angry Birds: Big Movie Eggstravaganza, titled "Life Guards".
  • Birdfeeder Restaurant: A restaurant where seeds and other plant-based food are served to birds, as an alternate to the meat from the Early Bird's worms.
  • Nap Bar: A place where Birds can go to take naps. It appeared on both first movie and in the sequel.


Angry Birds Evolution[]