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"Oh. Easy, guys. Hollow bones. I've got hollow bones."
Red, The Angry Birds Movie 2
20190105 004927

Red's skeleton

20190105 005002

The internal organs of a bird

In The Angry Birds Movie and its sequel, the characters of the Angry Birds franchise are depicted with actual limbs for the first time (not considering Angry Birds Transformers , Super Angry Birds and some other appearances of limbs). This article explains the variety of limbs that exist in the film and how these new aesthetics affect the original appearances of the birds.


The birds are depicted as winged creatures with legs that end in talons arranged in the anisodactyl form (three toes forward and one back). Despite such shape of their feet, Birds can wear human footwear without issue.[1] As hatchlings, birds are born with small wings and legs, and a fat, round body. However, as they grow, birds can develop unique body shapes, wings, and legs. Birds, like Pigs, also do not have necks.


In the Angry Birds films, the birds have wings, which function exactly like human arms, instead of actual bird wings, as they contain dedicated hand-like skeletal structures. Most birds have a moderate wingspan, although there are some Birds who have short and small wings, such as Hal, and a few others with long ones, such as Stella and Gale. However, the colossal Mighty Eagle has proper wings which help him fly. A statue depicts this, carrying hundreds of eggs while several birds look up in awe (and Red strangely crying) at his heroism.

The bones of the Birds' wings, like their real-life counterparts, are hollowed out and somewhat fragile, even though they are not designed for flight.[2]

Leg length

Birds typically stand on legs that are not too long, although some variations of the length exist, as with wingspan. Some females like Stella, Gale and Silver have longer legs to appear tall, exhibiting a sense of athleticism.

Leg type

Birds are covered in feathers, which may also cover their legs as well, down to the talons. However, there are also birds who do not have fully feathered legs. In such cases, the unfeathered portion of the legs is covered with scales, like the talons. The color of the scales and talons usually match the color of the beak, although there are exceptions, such as Bubbles. Birds can have half-feathered legs, such as Chuck, or they may have fully, scaly legs that are thin and twig-like, comprising nothing more of scales, bone and a thin layer of muscles, like that of Stella.


Hatchlings have abnormally huge eyes, which cover the middle-top of their faces, but these progress into smaller eyes during adolescence or the eyes stay normal while their bodies grow bigger. An example is clearly detailed by looking at the hatchling Petunia, who clearly see has large eyes. However, examining adolescent birds such as Chuck and Bomb shows their eyes being smaller than their bodies.

Silver is a notable exception; her green eyes remain fairly large even while grown.[2]

Different from other appearances, the birds' eyes are separated, instead of being together. Most female birds have eyelashes, the exception being Samantha.


Original Flock

Name Wingspan Leg length Leg type Other distinguishing features
Red Moderate Moderate Feathered Pill-shaped body
Jay, Jake and Jim Short Short Short Orangish-red rings in their eyes and two large feathers above the head
Chuck Moderate Moderate Half-feathered Banana-shaped body
Bomb Moderate Short Feathered Roundish Bomb-shaped body
Matilda Moderate Short Half-feathered Teardrop-shaped body
Hal Short Short Feathered Boomerang-shaped body, has the shortest legs, to the point where they are nearly indistinguishable
Terence Moderate Moderate Scaly Has a distinguishable, dome-like head, extremely large
Bubbles Moderate Short Scaly Has a bullet-shaped body; his beak is yellow but his legs are dark gray

(When inflated, large ball-shaped body)

Stella Long Long Scaly Tall and slender; her crest has more feathers than before
Silver Moderate Long Scaly Has large eyes and can tie part of her crest into two long braids

Stella's Flock

Name Wingspan Leg length Leg type Other distinguishing features
Stella Long Long Scaly Tall and slender; her crest has more feathers than before
Poppy Moderate Short Scaly Has a slightly more roundish body
Dahlia Moderate Moderate Scaly None
Willow Moderate Moderate Scaly Has an ovular body that slightly tapers near the bottom
Gale Long Long Scaly Has a similar body to Stella, only more slender


  • The birds also have prehensile feet, as they able to use them to grab objects just like a hand.


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