Birdday 5
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Birdday 5 is an episode of Angry Birds released on December 11, 2014. This episode consists of 30 levels created based on the fan-made levels in the Make the Next Level competition, and until the debut of Bird Island which relocated the levels into Birdday Party, it was recognized as the 30th theme.


[1]The episode is based on a #MaketheNextLevel competition, that calls the Angry Birds fans to create their own level with a theme that can be select from the competition, and from those levels, Rovio has fixed some levels and place blocks and pigs into the paintings and pictures, and 30 levels are created with some Golden Egg levels.

Each level is based on the levels that the fans have designed and the background is a blueprint with many drawings of the constructions there.

Rhinoceros appear in level 4 of Theme 30 and in 12 of Theme 31.



  • This is the first episode to have all of the levels fan-made.
  • Like the updates on Birdday Party, this episode was released on December 11th, the same day Angry Birds was first released.
  • In recent updates, the episode has been moved to the Birdday episodes.



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