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Birdday Party Cake 4 Level 6 (aka. Cake Delivery) is the sixth level of Cake 4 in Birdday Party.


Fling the Yellow bird directly toward the TNT on the right side. The window is rather small and the domino effect can vary, but a 1-bird clear should earn 3 stars.

Tip #1: See the Medium Pig which is next to the brown TNT box? Try to focus and aim at the Medium Pig's left eye. This will help you to explode the TNT box. You can check your shot with the thin vertical wooden block which is next to the wooden "chair" that the Medium Pig is sitting on. If this wooden block has been broken after you fling the Yellow bird, that means you can continue watching the tower falling but if not, it means you've failed the whole level so try again until you get it. You have to pop the three little pigs which are in the hollow square wooden blocks, too.

Tip #2: About the TNT box, if you shoot directly on it, it will be nice but if you fling above the TNT a little bit, it will be better because the tower will have enough time to fall on (push away) the TNT cake so it can explode. But most of the time, the Large Pig wearing the pink party hat will not pop so you need to keep trying to get it. The second black TNT cake (counting from left to right) must be destroyed in order to complete the level with 3 stars.

Tip #3: Now, about the piggies. To pop the Large Pig wearing the pink party hat, you must have enough force from the second black TNT cake (counting from left to right) or from the debris (very rarely). This pig is very difficult to pop with just the first shot because it's up to lucky. The leftmost Small Pig may easier to pop because at the first tries, some players also popped the Small Pig with the debris from the tower, but it's not easy to pop this pig when you've use the debris to have enough force on exploding the cake. To pop this pig, you also must have enough force from some debris or from the TNT cake to push the "truck" backwards.

Video Walkthrough[]


Angry Birds Birdday Party Cake 4 Level 6 Walkthrough 3 Star

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